Groundhog Day

The Senate is fast approaching another deadline to approve a budget and make a decision on the DACA enrollees.  Seems as if we just faced a deadline and simply kicked the can down the road once again.  Congress is really getting good at this, jumping from one crisis to another.  Most Americans are getting tired of deadlines and threats of a government shutdown.  The biggest loser in these Congressional game of chicken is our armed forces.  Weapons systems are not purchased and built overnight.  Construction of ships, aircrafts and tanks take months to years.  Department of Defense officials must know how to plan for essential purchases.   Much of our current equipment is in disrepair and troops are unable to maintain readiness without adequate funds for maintenance and training.  This is disheartening to our active duty and reserve forces and without the security of a long-term budget, many will not re-enlist.  Legislative games and political battles are jeopardizing our national security.  The House of Representatives has apparently passed another continuing resolution through most of March.  Rather than passing another CR the Senate is working on a 2 years budget.  There is no mention of DACA in either legislation.  We are running out of time without resolving this program.  With 2 days left, I’m pessimistic that any of the aforementioned options will come to fruition.

Trey Gowdy is retiring at the end of his current term.  This is unfortunate because Mr. Gowdy has proven to be a principled individual who is concerned with following the law.  He wants what is best for America and not necessarily what is best for his party.  He  stated on a Sunday news program that he has become disillusioned with politics because it is all about winning.  Politicians appear more concerned with their egos than the needs of the American people.  Not surprisingly our society is becoming increasingly polarized.  We witness politicians fighting with each like children along party lines.  Major news outlets have lost objectivity and report “news” in a biased fashion.  Political correctness has destroyed the need for common sense.  Our political leaders should to set the example and begin working together for solutions to our greatest problems.  If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

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