War on Christianity

Christianity has been under attack in the U.S. for the past decade.  This country was founded by people of many faiths escaping persecution for their beliefs in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Many of our early documents (Declaration of Independence & Constitution) and laws were based in Judeo/Christian values.  For the first several centuries religious freedom and tolerance was taken for granted.  Under the two terms of President Barack Obama Christianity was suddenly viewed negatively.  On numerous occasions Obama denounced much of Christianity’s history.  As the apology president he also castigated America for its “colonial behavior” toward other nations.  He initiated the assault on Christianity by his public denouncement of Christian behavior in the Crusades.  I would like to remind the President that the Crusades were in defense of Muslim aggression and brutality.  War isn’t pretty and atrocities are often committed by all involved parties.  If I witnessed unspeakable acts of cruelty on my family and/or friends I may react viciously myself.  Just look at all the atrocities that took place in the two world wars of the last century.  In many cases more civilians were slaughtered than enemy combatants.  The former president spoke of Islam as a “religion of peace” on numerous occasions.  How does he account for the beheadings and other savage acts committed by the proclaimed Muslims of ISIS.  These barbarians burned churches and tortured and killed Christians throughout Iraq and Syria.

In my opinion Obama created an anti-Christian atmosphere in America that appears to have been accepted by the liberal elites and their allies in the media.  The opinionated, arrogant women of The View attacked our vice-president for his faith.  Joy Behar believes that the Vice President has mental illness because he speaks to Jesus and Jesus speaks to him.  Those of us in the Christian faith believe that God doesn’t speak to us literally but He guides us in other ways such as signs and events in our life.  Alveda King, the niece of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King stated that her father spoke with God and she does as well.  Perhaps the ladies of The View could use some prayer and conversation with Our Lord themselves.  The Christian faith and the values it teaches are alive and well in the heart of America despite what the liberals and Hollywood wish to believe.

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