Blame Game

Another school shooting has occurred and both survivors and law enforcement authorities are attempting to determine “what went wrong.”  The Left will drag out their overused assault on the 2nd Amendment and call for more gun control.  The truth is that no gun law will ever keep guns out of the hands of criminals or those intent on harming others.  Many Americans feel that we need enhanced background checks to include any history of mental illness.  The current background check already includes such questions but there is nothing to prevent someone from lying when answering this particular question.  Our HIPPA laws prevent reporting mental illness or other medical problems to law enforcement so there is no way to verify if someone has been treated for mental illness.  Sociopaths seldom seek treatment for their illness because they consider society the problem not themselves.  We will never have a background check that adequately screens for every deviant personality and potential killer.  The FBI had several reported warnings on this particular person but did not thoroughly investigate these leads.  The current FBI Director has apologized for this apparent oversight.  The reputation of our top law enforcement agency has been tarnished for focusing their attention on political activities and extramarital affairs.  This young man had all the characteristics of others who have committed similar acts.  He was a loner with an obsession for knives and guns.  He was also known to have harmed animals and it is a simple progression to go from animals to humans.  Intervention at any number of points leading up to the school shooting could have avoided the loss of life.  There is enough blame to go around and until someone acts on these signs of deviance future disasters are in our future.

More attention should be focused on the 1st Amendment.  Hollywood continues to make millions of dollars producing movies depicting gun violence while simultaneously calling for additional gun laws.  These are also the same individuals who glamorize sex and the degradation of women yet condemn others for similar behavior.  The makers of video games should be accountable for marketing products in which the “winner” is the person with the most “kills.”  The media deserves some blame for making celebrities of mass killers.  These incidents are the main story for weeks on the national news.  Loners who have few friends and no real accomplishments in their lives are suddenly household names.  Schools can enforce changes to improve safety for students and faculty.  Limiting school access to a few designated entrances with metal detectors and armed security could prevent future catastrophes.  We should consider training and arming teachers who are willing to accept that responsibility.  Mass shootings are terminated when the shooter is disarmed or killed.  The most effective way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.  Waiting for first responders to arrive only increases the body count.  If a potential killer knows that his victims may be armed, he/she will think twice before acting.

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