Boogey Man

The Left has targeted the NRA (National Rifle Association) for the recent school shooting in Florida.  The NRA is no more responsible for this tragedy than is the Congress for their lack of legislative action over the past several decades.  This is not the first time we have had a mass shooting of innocent civilians and it won’t be the last.  The NRA was not responsible for failing to heed all the warnings that this was an unstable individual who should have never been allowed to purchase a gun in the first place.  They are also not responsible for the lack of action when family members called police almost 50 times for violent and threatening behavior.  The NRA is not responsible for the HIPPA laws that prevent reporting mental illness to law enforcement to prevent unstable individuals from obtaining firearms.  Suddenly the NRA is the boogey man for all the mistakes made by others that permitted the loss of 17 lives.  The Left always resorts to hysterical finger pointing at the weapon involved in a shooting.  In recent years more people have been killed and injured by motor vehicles and bombs than firearms.  The favorite weapons of terrorists are now large trucks and knives.  Numerous Israelis have been attacked by knives in the Gaza and trucks have been used in European nations to kill many innocents.  I agree that an AR-15 is not a recreational firearm for average individuals, but semi-automatic handguns can fire off rounds as quickly as an AR-15.  A handgun with a 17 round magazine, can quickly empty 2 magazines nearly as rapidly as an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine.  I think more restrictions could be placed on those wishing to own weapons similar to the AR-15, but I’m opposed to an outright ban.  If we completely ban this firearm, which one will be next?  Eliminating bump stocks and large-volume magazines would likely be acceptable to most NRA members.

The companies who have chosen to turn away from the NRA to be “politically correct” will suffer backlash from me and other NRA members.  We live in a society where individuals and companies are often afraid to stand by their principles.  I don’t want to take a knife to a gun fight and the NRA protects my right of self-defense.  Criminals and “bad hombres” will always get their hands on firearms and the NRA stands for our right to make it a “fair fight.”  The first act of all illegitimate governments is to disarm the public.  Our early founders recognized that fact and placed the ability to arm ourselves as the second amendment.  Freedom of speech was the only right given a higher priority.  Attacking the NRA will only further divide an already polarized nation.

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