Oscar Bust

Hollywood is the epitome of narcissism and the Oscars is the ultimate expression of that self aggrandizement.  The viewer ratings were down 20% this year versus last year.  This is in addition to a 16% drop last year from the one prior to that.  So we are looking at a near 40% decline in ratings in 2 years.  Seems the Hollywood elite have shot themselves in the foot with all their political activities and criticism of President Trump.  The Oscars have become nothing more than a feeding frenzy on the President and an ego trip for the sanctimonious movie elites.  These are the people who demand gun control when they are surrounded by armed security agents and lobby for limited carbon emissions when they fly in private jets and chauffeured gas-guzzling SUVs.  It was reported that the Oscar event was protected by some 500 armed public and private security.  The Oscars should be called the “Hypocrite Awards” because the big screen glorifies gun violence and the sexual exploitation of women.  It was revealed at the Oscars that female stars in Hollywood are paid only 30 cents on the dollar as compared to their male counterparts.    This coming from a community that espouses “equality.”  Apparently their motto is “Do as I say and not like I do!”  The average American believes Hollywood has no relevance to his/her daily life.  The majority of Hollywood supports sanctuary cities and protecting illegals regardless of their criminal activities.  Hollywood elites have nothing to fear from illegals since they live behind protective walls, gates and security guards.

If we went back in time 60 years and I was to state that Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the Ivy League supported the Democratic Party, I would be committed for delusions and mental illness.  The Democratic Party no longer represents the working class.  They have become the party of the privileged while the Republicans are fighting for job creation and tax cuts.  The Dems need to admit why they opposed the recent tax bill.  The truth is many of them own large homes in high tax states and are limited to a $10,000/yr deduction for property tax.  What a shock to Nancy Pelosi who paid some $137,000 in property tax in 2016.  How many in the working class pay over $10,000/yr in property tax?  The Oscars are suffering from well-deserved terminal indifference.  Contrary to Jimmy Kimmel’s comment, Oscar is not home watching Fox News but hiding his face in shame!

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