Getting Tough

In typical fashion the media has gone hysterical over the appointment of John Bolton as the new National Security Adviser to President Trump.   The liberal media sees this as a move toward a hawkish posture for our adversaries, primarily North Korea and Iran.  It also reflects a tougher stance on other less-than-friendly states such as China and Russia.  Bolton’s appointment is set to take effect on April 19 and he will be replacing General H.R. McMasters.  It is believed that McMasters was one of the inner security circle that was leaking information to the press.  As a military general if McMasters was the source of leaks, that would be totally uncharacteristic for someone of high military stature.  Security breeches aside, McMasters did not agree with the President on several high-level national security issues.  John Bolton, on the other hand, has been harshly critical of the policies of the previous administration and opposes the Iran nuclear deal agreed to by President Obama.  President Trump must decide by May 19 whether to continue with the Iran agreement or cancel it.  It is widely believed that unless the original agreement is re-negotiated, President Trump will not renew it.  As written the agreement does not permit unscheduled inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities and Iranian military facilities are completely off limits to inspectors.  Instead of preventing nuclear proliferation, the agreement paves the way for Iran to become a nuclear power.  If and when that occurs other Arab nations will demand the ability to build their own nuclear arsenal.

John Bolton is more similar to President Trump in his political beliefs and blunt talk than any of the President’s closest advisers.  While the media is convincing the American public that we are headed for war, the President is taking actions that are more likely to result in a world at peace than war.  Our adversaries understood that Obama would never take steps to back up any tough talk.  Under Obama our military was crippled to the point of impotence.  President Trump has already demonstrated in Syria (launching cruise missiles) and other areas (arming the Ukraine and increased military presence off the Korean peninsula) that he is serious about the security of America and our allies.   We must deal with rogue acts by demonstrating strength and a will to fight if necessary.  President Trump is rebuilding our military forces and restoring our rightful place as leaders of the free world.  He has made us safer by his selection of John Bolton who supports a peace through strength approach to dealing with national security threats.

One thought on “Getting Tough”

  1. Agree 100 %. While war and conflicts are a last resort at times, it is comforting to know we have a Leader who prepares and will protect the United States and its allies.


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