Pardon Me

In an Easter-time moment of compassion? California Governor Jerry Brown is granting 56 pardons and 14 commutation of sentences for another 14 individuals.  Many of the pardons are for drug-related offenses and other non-violent crimes.  However these pardons include those of 5 illegal aliens convicted of past felonies.  It appears that the Governor is turning California into a haven for criminals and people who are not legally in the U.S.  It is no secret that many cities within the state have been interfering with the work of ICE agents to find and deport criminal illegals.  The mayor of Oakland, a city with an already substantial criminal element, was warning illegals of impending ICE raids.  The recent pardons are not the first rodeo for Governor Brown; since entering office in 2011 he has pardoned 1115 individuals and issued another 51 sentence commutations.  California is operations central for the resistance movement and the Governor has an obvious contempt for President Trump’s focus on illegal immigration.  By commuting sentences of illegals and declaring California as a Sanctuary State the Governor is encouraging illegals from other states to pour into California.  I have a problem understanding why Brown is giving preferential treatment to those who have broken the law on more than one occasion over law-abiding citizens.  Not only is the state sheltering illegals from authorities, but many illegals are receiving various forms of welfare and legal assistance at taxpayer expense.  Brown is experimenting with anarchy and socialism on a large scale.

California is deeply in debt and Governor Brown’s policies are going to further aggravate the financial status of the state.  I doubt the Governor can rely on the liberals of Hollywood and Silicon Valley to bail out the state.  Since the Governor does not wish to follow federal laws and policies, perhaps our President should withhold federal funds for many of California’s programs.  If I didn’t play by the rules of my job or employer I could not expect leniency with respect to worksite benefits.  Why should “fly over” states pay for California’s lawlessness?  Californians should pay for the irresponsible behavior of their leader.

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