Syrian Sins

The civil war in Syria has been ongoing for a number of years.  Estimates suggest that half a million or more civilians have been killed since its onset.  Most of those casualties, especially children, have no stake in the struggle other than to survive each day.  There is little food or fresh water and safe refuge is not guaranteed.  President Assad and his government military forces have been particularly cruel in their attacks on non-combatants.  There is little the United States or other can do since the Assad government is supported financially and militarily by Iran and Russia.  Russia desires naval and air bases in the Mediterranean and Iran seeks to spread their Shiite influence in the Arab world.  The ultimate goal of Iran is the destruction of Israel and Iran remains the single greatest threat to the Israelis.  Iran’s nuclear ambitions are driven by their desire to be the dominant power in the Middle East.  Iran also wishes to spread terrorism throughout the region.  Terrorism is being funded by the vast Iranian oil reserves and the billions of dollars given them by the Obama Administration.  Fortunately the secretive transfer of unmarked bills in the darkness of night was discovered.  This was only one of many incidents that shed light on the unbalanced Middle East policies of the previous president.  Emboldened by superpower support, Assad is using “barrel bombs” and chemical weapons on civilian populations.  Syrian and Russian planes control the skies and civilians and rebel forces are helpless.  The cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base exactly one year ago did little to stop Assad’s cruel behavior.  Now it appears that a coalition of Western nations are prepared to deliver a more disabling blow.

The media and politicians fear retaliation by Putin and/or the Iranians.  Putin rules his nation by intimidation and believes that he can do the same with the West.  American forces, however, are second to none and Putin would not risk a conflict with the U.S.  He (Putin) has already moved much of his military assets out of harms way in anticipation of an American strike.  If Putin was willing to respond he would not be moving his ships and planes away from the region.  You must be “locked and loaded” if you are to react quickly.  Putin is not wishing to confront American or Allied forces since Russian forces are poorly motivated and prepared to face their American counterparts. For all of Putin’s bravado he fears humiliation in any U.S./Russian engagement.  Assad can’t hide behind Putin forever and it is time he face the executioner.

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