Judge, Jury & Executioner

Former FBI Director James Comey has taken what he believes to be the moral high ground in his book.  He attacks the President (and others) as being unfit for his current office.  I would remind him (Comey) of the scripture that reads, “Let he among you that be without sin, cast the first stone.”  Comey declared President Trump to be a morally corrupt individual.  This is coming from the man who lied to Congress and the American people on multiple occasions.  He is also the man who conducted a sham investigation of someone who truly is morally corrupt, Hillary Clinton.  Then he said she was not indictable because we did not know the motive for all of her evil deeds.  Christians have been under attack for their beliefs, but Christians know that no human is perfect.  That is why God is forgiving and accepts all despite our faults.  I think Mr. Comey could use a little Christian humility!  Comey compares Trump to a “mob boss” when the Clintons are the true mob bosses of American politics.  They are the ones who ruthlessly destroyed opponents by whatever means necessary.  Mr. Comey single-handedly tarnished the reputation of the FBI for years to come.  Many within the agency itself believe that Comey was the worst FBI Director in its short history.  If we look at some of the other top FBI agents such as Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Rod Rosenstein few Americans trust the impartiality and integrity of the FBI.

James Comey is a self-righteous, opportunistic narcissist who is looking to enrich himself with a new book and media interviews.  Liberals may fawn over this former judge, jury and executioner, but Comey is nothing but a big weasel.  He did not have the courage to perform his job in an unbiased, fair manner.  He (along with many others in his agency) believed that Clinton would be the next president.  Many liberals kissed Hillary’s backside to win favorable positions in what was presumed to be the upcoming Clinton Administration.  I’m saddened by how the media makes Comey out to be a hero while constantly attacking the President.  In just over a year President Trump has accomplished more than most presidents did in their entire respective terms in office.  Americans are not as stupid as the media and liberal politicians portray them to be.  The Democrats are salivating over the upcoming mid-term elections, but as in 2016 they may be in for a big surprise.

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