Buying Votes

New York Governor Mario Cuomo is apparently fighting for his political life.  He is in a primary battle for his party’s nomination for the state’s next governor.  Cuomo is obviously pulling all the rabbits from his political hat for the purpose of buying votes.  First he is issuing an Executive Order to grant 35,000 felons the right to vote.  Cuomo is not the only Democratic Governor to attempt such tactics.  Apparently these governors believe that felons will automatically vote Democrat.  This may be a false premise as we saw in the 2016 presidential election when the Dems thought they could count on the blue collar and union vote for Hillary.  With a booming economy and lower taxes (no thanks to lack of a single Democratic congressional vote) perhaps these liberated felons will select the party who truly rewarded them with an opportunity to succeed.  Traditionally recidivism was common because there were few jobs “on the outside” for someone released from jail.  Trump and the Republican Party changed all that.  Not all felons are equally dangerous but committing a felony has always come at a high price.  I can understand the desire to restore voting rights to those who have “paid their dues” to society.  I do believe that there should be a probationary period where these individuals must demonstrate that they have been “rehabilitated.”  If these individuals commit no additional crimes during that probationary period then they could be allowed to vote.  It is apparent to me and others that Cuomo’s actions were not so much humanitarian as self-serving.

Governor Cuomo then made a pitch for the immigrant vote by falsely stating that he was an “undocumented immigrant.”  He proudly proclaimed that if ICE wished to deport undocumented immigrants they should begin with him.  Mr. Cuomo was born and raised in New York.  He is not an immigrant but instead is a native-born citizen.  The Democratic Party does not want a resolution to the immigration issue because they believe that legal immigrants will side with (and vote for) the Democratic candidates.  Plus in states where illegals are being issued driver’s licenses, they feel many will be able to vote by using those licenses as identification at voting polls.  I have an extreme distain of politics for the very reasons demonstrated by Governor Cuomo.  Politicians (for the most part) will say and do anything to get elected.  Unfortunately it appears that many in government (as shown by Comey and company) will do whatever is necessary to remain in powerful positions of government.  I can only hope that rehabilitated felons and immigrants are wiser than the Democrats give them credit.

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