Tech Traitors

There is a growing movement in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry to block cooperative efforts with the Pentagon.  The most recent example is an open letter signed by 3000 Google employees to cancel a project with the Pentagon titled “Project Maven.”  This particular program is designed to arm drones with artificial intelligence (AI).  Google employees apparently have ethical concerns in working with the Pentagon.  The open letter states that Google should not be in the business of war.  Google is not alone in their opposition to helping our military stay prepared for tomorrow’s battlefield.  While Silicon Valley imposes their self-righteous beliefs on our national defense, China is spending billions of dollars on similar activities.    China has pledged to become the world’s leader in AI by the year 2030.  Our enemies obviously don’t share the same ethical concerns and would happily destroy everything that America represents.  A dedicated, properly armed military won the peace and safety allowing America to flourish into the greatest nation of all time.  The inability to remain one step ahead of our adversaries  will place us at the mercy of those wishing to harm us.  Our military forces have always had the most advanced weapons in the world and consequently we have remained a nation of wealth and freedom.  I do not like war any less than the next person, but not everyone shares our same desire for peace.  There are bad actors throughout the world and countries like Iran, Russia, China and North Korea would like nothing better than to dominate or kill us.  Peace through strength is not some military slogan.  We have remained a free nation ONLY because of our strong military and the men and women willing to die (if necessary) to secure that freedom.

Silicon Valley reminds me of privileged elitists who have enjoyed the benefits of freedom without any of the sacrifice.  Our many freedoms gave these moralists the opportunity to live and grow in a safe environment.  These individuals were educated in world-class institutions and found work in an expanding, lucrative industry.  I believe they owe our country a debt of gratitude, particularly to those who risk everything to keep them safe.  Working with the Pentagon and sharing  their unique skills with our dedicated military leaders is an honor.  Heaven help us if we allow our enemies to gain the upper hand in this rapidly evolving field.  Helping to develop more advanced military intelligence and surveillance is not the business of war, but the business of peace.

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