Migrant Mania

The United States is a nation of immigrants.  For almost 400 years we have welcomed people from all over the world.  Some of those immigrants were seeking asylum from persecution while others were simply hoping for a better life for themselves and their families.  The inflow of immigration built America by providing a steady supply of new talent and ideas.  Uniquely among world nations America stands as a true “melting pot.”  Sadly we committed social genocide on the only true natives to this country, Native American Indians.  Just as dams are constructed to harness and control raging rivers, nations pass immigration laws to regulate the flow of immigrants into their country.  American immigration laws are outdated and largely ignored.  We have always been generous in accepting large numbers of immigrants whether they entered legally or simply “walked across” the border.  Most are permitted to work and their children are enrolled in public schools.  Many are provided free healthcare, entitlement benefits and drivers licenses.  Our generosity may open us up to a Trojan horse with respect to imbedded terrorists, gang members and drug dealers.  There is also a considerable health risk to accepting an unregulated inflow of migrants from undeveloped countries.  Some of these immigrants could carry diseases that have virtually been eliminated from modern American society.  This could include all forms of tuberculosis, intestinal and skin parasites and many childhood diseases.  Controlling the rate of immigration is critical for national security and the well-being of our economy and healthcare system.

Central American countries are among the poorest in the world.  The migrant caravan that has reached Tijuana, Mexico began in Central America and consisted of some 1500 people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.  The caravan was slowed and fractured by the actions of President Trump, but some 600 have arrived at the border with more on the way.  Congress has been derelict in passing comprehensive immigration reform.  Considering the obstructionist approach of Democrats in both houses of Congress, I do not expect anything of substance to emerge for the President’s signature.  The Dems want an unlimited supply of immigrants, legal or otherwise, since they assume these new voters will vote Democratic.  This is a risky premise since most “legal” immigrants oppose the steady flow of illegals.  In such states as California where drivers licenses are given to illegals, perhaps the Dems think they can circumvent voter registration rolls and allow illegals to vote with drivers licenses serving as “identification.”  The Dems are playing Russian roulette over immigration with law-abiding taxpayers standing before the gun barrel.

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