DACA Drama

Yet another liberal judge is limiting the ability of the President to enact the agenda of the voters who put him in office.   The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was created by Executive Order of President Obama in June 2012.  It protected dependent children who entered the country (along with their parents) illegally from deportation.  President Obama previously said the Constitution prevented him from protecting illegal immigrants but ultimately did an about face and made the decision to protect illegals.  As an executive order it had a limited lifespan and was due to expire shortly after Donald Trump assumed the Office of President.  President Trump extended the law for a six-month period giving Congress time to enact more a more comprehensive immigration bill.  The President offered a proposal to grant 1.8 million dreamers the ability to remain in the U.S. with a path to citizenship in exchange for border wall funding.  The proposal was rejected by Senate Democrats (Schumer & company), primarily over the border wall issue.   Liberal judges have twice blocked efforts to end the program; a process that was unconstitutional from the beginning.  Where was the judicial system in 2012 when Obama overstepped his authority to protect illegals.  Federal Judge John Bates from the District of Columbia ruled that DACA termination was “unlawful.”  How ironic to declare it unlawful to undo an unlawful act!  Judge Bates ruled that the Trump Administration could not end the program for 90 days.  Unless the DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) formulates a better reason for cancelling the program, it must continue accepting new applications.  This was the third time a federal judge has halted this Administration’s efforts to end DACA.

I feel two conclusions can be made from the DACA issue.  The first is that federal judges have too much power and the judiciary is now the most powerful branch of government.  An individual judge should not be able to impose his/her own personal interpretation of legislation and “throw out” laws they deem unsuitable or unlawful.  I find it hard to believe this was the intent the drafters of the Constitutional desired.  The judiciary has leaned far left and gone against many of the conservative principles upon which the nation was founded.  The second conclusion is that Congress is dysfunctional and has abdicated much of their own powers to the other branches of government.  It appears the majority of Congress are more concerned with job security rather than meeting the country’s needs.  Although the judiciary is liberal, middle America is not.  Donald Trump was elected for a reason, he spoke for those whose voices are seldom heard.  There will be a price to pay if judges and members of Congress ignore the will of the people

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