Man Hate

The Politically Correct police have gone completely mad.  Unbelievably the University of Texas has declared masculinity a mental illness.  I immediately went to the latest DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) that were just revised in October 2017.  I was unable to find “Masculinity” listed within the manual but will anxiously await the next revision.  This must be “fake news” since Texas is the state where cowboys and Indians fought it out.  It’s where Davy Crockett and James Bowie made their heroic last stand at the Alamo.  This is the state that declared itself a Republic and was reluctant to become a part of the United States.  Are the real men of Texas going to sit by and take such an insult?  But then there are some positive aspects to this new definition.  Perhaps I can file for disability since I’m mentally ill and let my wife be the family”bread winner.”  I no longer will be able to have a gun carry permit and own a handgun or rifle.  My mental illness will now disqualify me from gun ownership.  I won’t have to waste my time or money at the gun range to keep my skills intact.  That will free me up to sort through my recipes and try making the latest soufflé.  This is pure idiocy; when will the PC police stop?  Man up Texas, I thought your motto was “Don’t mess with Texas.”

I truly don’t know what is happening to our nation.  The liberals have turned college campuses into nurseries for helicopter children that have been sheltered their entire lives.  Only 30% of today’s youth would qualify for military service because they’ve played video games nearly every waking moment.  I’m old enough to remember when televisions first appeared on the market, but my family could not afford to own one.  My entertainment was playing outdoors with friends until dark.  We road bikes without helmets and played tackle football without pads.  Liberals have “wussified” our society while terrorists are threatening civilized people everywhere.   If you believe that evil people in the world are going to end their aggression and stop being masculine, then I have a bridge on each coast to sell you.  I would not be sending my child to a liberal college campus today.  They are overpriced and undervalued safe zones for tenured professors determined to destroy everything that is great about America.  Thank goodness we have a new sheriff in Washington who will not declare masculinity dead.

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