Mueller Gone Wild

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to extreme lengths in hopes of finding President Trump guilty of a crime.  Into the second year of Mueller’s extensive, expensive investigation no evidence of Russian collusion has been uncovered between the Trump Team and the Russians.  What we have learned is that there was unprecedented cooperation between Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Russians.  Ironic that the Dems aren’t the ones being investigated.  Mueller was granted dictatorial powers (and has used them) to seize private client-privileged records and threaten jail time for anyone caught lying.  If jailing liars was universally enforced, Washington, D.C. would be a ghost town.  Even our top police agency, the FBI is filled with liars.  Finally we have a judge who is willing to stand up to Mueller and call him to task.  Mueller is strong arming all of the President’s close associates in an effort to find dirt (any dirt) on the President.  Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent and a Fox News contributor astutely pointed out how Mueller has turned crime fighting on its head.  Typically you investigate a CRIME and find a guilty party.  In the Mueller investigation we have a presumed guilty party and MUST find a crime.  Who among us has not committed some crime, regardless how small?  Perhaps you received too much change from the cashier or forgot to report some “under the table” income you received on your income tax.  Mueller is determined to find Trump guilty of SOMETHING.  He must satisfy the Democrats & liberal media who have been calling for blood since losing the election.

As the former head of the FBI Mueller is an example of how politicized our top government agencies have become.  Instead of enforcing the law in a non-discriminatory fashion, the FBI is picking winners and losers by how they conduct investigations.  Thank God there still are judges who do not necessarily toe the liberal line and can look at cases objectively.  Trump is correct that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt that is wasting taxpayer money and offering false hope to psychotic Dems whose goal is to impeach the President.  Little wonder so many good Republicans are retiring because our political process has been corrupted.  We need more judges (and politicians) like T.S. Ellis to save the nation from self-destruction.

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