End The Storm

The previously little known porn star Stormy Daniels has created quite a storm in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country.  The media salivates over incidents of infidelity and scandal, both of which are to be found in Daniel’s lawsuit against President Trump.  Stormy Daniels is the “stage name” for an actress who has appeared in over 275 adult movies since 2004.  Her real name is Stephanie Gregory and she was born on March 6, 1979.  Outside her pornographic film career she considered running for the United States Senate as a Republican from Louisiana in 2010.  What has ultimately made her famous is her claim to an affair with then businessman Donald Trump in 2006.  In an interview she reported having sex with Trump on a single occasion.  She was asked to sign a nondisclosure document and was paid $130,000 in “hush” money.  The money was paid by Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.  The current Mueller investigation prompted an April 9, 2018 raid on Cohen’s office.  Apparently the raid was intended to determine what the President knew of the payment and if the payment came from campaign funds.  The President denies that there was a sexual encounter and his knowledge of the payment.  The Trump legal team makes a case for the payment coming from monthly retainer fees paid to his lawyer.  Ms. Daniels believes the nondisclosure agreement was not legally binding since it was not signed by President Trump.  Daniels is exploiting her new-found fame with interviews and special television appearances.

How does Mueller connect a possible affair that took place ten years ago with Russian collusion?  Why did the FBI find it necessary to carry out a strong arm raid on a private lawyer’s office?  Even if the President had the supposed affair, he is not alone.  President John Kennedy had multiple sexual encounters while in office and other prominent politicians have been guilty of infidelity.  Careers have been ruined and perhaps lives lost from such behavior.  The hate mongering media have blown this particular issue out of proportion because of their desire to bring down this president.  Even if everything Ms. Daniels has claimed is correct, the affair took place in 2006, a full ten years before Mr. Trump was elected President.  What is the difference if the President knew of the payment or not?  Finally this has nothing to do with his presidential election.  Mr. Mueller’s investigation has gone off the rails and needs to end.  If no collusion has been found to this point, we should stop wasting money and giving Mr. Mueller and the Dems more attention than they deserve.

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