Gloom & Doom

Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, delivered the commencement speech at Rice University in Texas on Saturday.  Rather than delivering an inspirational speech to the future leaders of America, Bloomberg painted a gloomy picture of the current state of politics and Washington, D.C. in particular.   I have talked about the corruption in the nation’s capitol on many occasions.  Good men and women are elected to office with promises to “do the right thing” and not be influenced by swamp politics.  These individuals leave their districts filled with good intentions. but suddenly lose their morals after entering the city.   Bloomberg stated that we are in an epidemic of dishonesty and seemed to suggest that President Trump was the biggest example of deceit.  I don’t think a commencement speech is the time to deliver a political speech and attack the President.  Trump may not be completely truthful with all of his facts, but I think his “dishonesty” is more of an exaggeration so as to make a point.  How about the whoppers that Hillary Clinton and her husband have told throughout the years.  So many times the dishonesty and sins of the Clintons were ignored or covered up by other “less than honest” politicians.  Hillary was not put under oath during her questioning (nor was it recorded) in the email scandal because FBI Director Comey (and others) knew she would not be truthful.  You are only guilty of a felony if you lie under oath.  I’ve said many times that neither of the Clintons know what the truth is anymore since they’ve stretched it beyond recognition.

Michael Bloomberg is a prime example of the self-righteousness of the liberal Left.  I suppose they have never read the scripture that states, “Let he among you that be without sin cast the first stone.”  Bloomberg has referred to the President as a dangerous demagogue, but his speech to vulnerable graduates was that of a demagogue.  He was preaching a gospel of hate and prejudice toward those who don’t agree with his way of thinking.  Anyone not agreeing with him are dishonest and “dangerous.”  Campuses are already environments of intolerance toward pro-life, conservative thought.  Speakers like Bloomberg are further polarizing our country and not offering a message of hope for the future.  Whatever happened to the saying, “If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.”

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