Animal Actions

Yesterday the Trump-hating news media ran a blatantly false “news” story regarding a statement by President Trump.  When asked about MS-13 gang members the President referred to them as “animals.”  Instead of quoting the President appropriately the media presented the statement as describing all illegal immigrants.  The major news outlets love to portray the President as a racist opposed to all immigration.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Most Americans are tired of immigrants walking across our porous southern border, many of whom are fleeing criminal prosecution for acts committed in their native country.  And Americans are also tired of liberals protecting illegals who break the law, often with fatal consequences.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer attacked the President as heartless while they pretend to display a more “Christian” attitude toward illegals.  If Nancy loves the illegals so much, then why not invite them to “tea” at her home?  She would have to decide which of her million dollar homes would serve as the venue.  The illegals would have to navigate past the walls surrounding her expensive homes and the armed security that protects her every move!  Politicians who “look the other way” with illegal immigration would not support illegals moving into their neighborhoods.  Obama generously accepted thousands of refugees from the Middle East, provided they did not come to the Chicago area.  Liberals are nothing more than hypocrites who expect law-abiding citizens to allow illegal immigration and then pay for the social benefits given them.  Why is the news media not held accountable for all the false reporting on the President?  Although they don’t like the term, nothing describes their actions better than the word “fake.”  The more outrageous the headline the better.  I never hear them apologize or retract a story when shown to be wrong.

The President did describe members of MS-13 as animals, and rightly so.  To refer to MS-13 as animals is being unfair to animals.  Animals kill for food and survival whereas MS-13 members kill for sport or gang initiation.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders has done an outstanding job when facing hostile reporters who do not hide their hatred for our President.  Sarah defended the President’s description of MS-13 members as appropriate and justifiable.  If liberal politicians believe these young gang members are innocent children, why not invite them to the Capitol for a meet and greet event with their congress men & women?  Donald Trump was elected because the majority of Americans see illegal immigration as a real problem that needs to be addressed.  Congressional inaction is inexcusable and the 2018 elections are going to be a wakeup call to the do nothing, obstructive Senators such as Chuck Schumer.  If the Dems think there is a “blue wave” coming they had best stand back or be trampled by the “red raiders” heading to Washington.

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