The Kimmel Doctrine

Jimmy Kimmel, the genius of late-night comedy, attacked the President and Congress over the latest school shooting.  Kimmel is part of the liberal mindset that blames shootings on guns and the NRA.  These simple-minded liberals continue to blast our President for not doing enough to stop senseless killings.  A pistol or rifle is simply a tool that a sick individual uses to hurt others.  The weapon is the killer and not the tool used in the process.  As we have seen with other disturbed individuals, knives, bombs or motor vehicles can be just as effective (or more so) than a handgun or rifle.  If you have a bomb or motor vehicle you do not need to stop and reload.  As we saw in the Waffle House shooting in Nashville, the time required to reload is an opportunity to intervene.   Everyone MUST understand that someone who wants to harm others will find a method to accomplish the goal.  The President did make suggestions (such as arming qualified teachers) and actually wrote an executive order to ban the production of bump stocks.  The President is limited with respect to the actions that he can take.  It is up to Congress to pass any new legislation aimed at preventing further shootings.  No legislation will prevent these events from taking place because there is a thriving firearms underground that will permit felons and the mentally ill to get their hands on guns.  Just as prohibition did not stop the production and distribution of alcohol nearly a century ago, no legislation will stop the production and distribution of firearms.  The NRA is not our enemy, they ensure our right to own and keep weapons in our homes for the protection of ourselves and families.  It is the NRA who prevents liberal politicians and idiots like Jimmy Kimmel from making us completely helpless.

We are first responders to a burglary or personal assault.  Many minutes can pass before law enforcement arrives; at that point we are either dead or survivors.  Hollywood elitists have their own security guards who are armed to the teeth yet they feel we should not be armed.  Mr. Shaw, the Waffle House hero, put it accurately when he said, “If I was going to die I was going to make him work for it.”  At a minimum I want to make it a fair fight and would rather go down in a blaze of glory than be at the mercy of a criminal.  My solutions to school shootings are simple:  1) limit school access 2) metal detectors at all entrances 3) school photo IDs 4) security guards at all entrances 5) arming qualified teachers.  Until these are instituted we can expect more of the same.

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