Predicting the Unpredictable

I love listening to all the climate change alarmists who have made dire predictions for the earth’s future.  If you recall the king of alarmists, Al Gore predicted that the polar ice caps would be melted by now and islands and coastal cities would be submersed by rising oceans.  Geology is a relatively new science and geologists have learned that earth activities are impossible to predict.  We know that earthquakes occur along fault lines and volcanos erupt from time to time, but we have no reliable way of knowing when such events will take place.  Despite the unpredictability of natural occurrences scientists often spread unnecessary fear within the non-scientific community.  Climate change is the classic example of spreading unwarranted fear about a future that may never materialize.  The recent volcanic activity in Hawaii demonstrates the fickle nature of mother earth.  Geologists admit they don’t know exactly what will happen next on the big island.  The earth is master of its own destiny and man is but an annoyance in the big picture.  Much as the human body “self-regulates” itself to remain healthy, the earth also has mechanisms for self-regulation.  That is not to say man has no effect on the earth and its climate but we should not give man-made activities blame or credit either.  I think focusing on greater use of renewable energy sources is advisable for a variety of reasons.  There is a limited supply of carbon-based energy sources and carbon-based energy generation often has a negative impact on the environment.

Technology used to employ renewable energy is not without its own set of problems.  For instance large energy storage batteries create dangers from fire and electrocution.  The disposal of heavy metals used in batteries and solar cells creates an environmental hazard.  Wind generators have injured and killed wildlife and are only effective under certain conditions.  Even geothermal requires the use of gas or diesel generated pumps and chemical coolant agents that are potentially hazardous.  Sensible use of our resources will satisfy the needs of man and the earth without leading to a catastrophic ending.  Remember the media’s primary role is to generate a large viewing audience.  The more sensational the headlines the greater the viewing audience.  Mother earth existed before man came along and will be here after we have left it.

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