War on Cops

The President is traveling to Long Island, NY today to honor local police and offer continued support for their work in arresting members of the MS-13 gang.  In the meantime another police officer was murdered in Baltimore.  The latest officer to be killed was Amy Caprio, the first female Baltimore officer to be killed in the line of duty.  She brings to 37 the number of officers killed thus far in 2018.  The number of officers killed in 2016 was 135 and the number for last year was 129.  Officer Caprio was intentionally run over by a teen ordered to step out of his vehicle.  Instead he turned the car into a lethal weapon.  Three other teen accomplices have been arrested and all will be tried as adults.  The vast majority of officers killed in recent years have died from gunshot wounds, most were targeted because of their profession.  Under President Obama police officers were no longer viewed as protectors of the community but now were enemy combatants to the people they serve.  In every known encounter between law enforcement and civilians, Obama repeatedly sided against law enforcement.  Obama painted police officers as racists with weapons and the media sensationalized each scenario.  Since liberals and Democrats continuously court the minority vote these incidents were blown out of proportion and turned into political issues.  Police officers became targets for every criminal and mentally unstable member of society.  As if their job was not difficult enough, minorities and liberals armed with cameras recorded their every move.  Videos may show what happened but they can’t convey the whole story.  Communities have become war zones with cops as the invading hostiles.

President Trump has been the most supportive law enforcement president in my lifetime.  With a few exceptions, we are fortunate to live in a nation where the police force is trustworthy and competent.  Law enforcement has to be the toughest job in our society.  Police officers are asked to do a variety of tasks from stopping a criminal to delivering a baby.  Unfortunately we have a generation that has little respect for police and the rule of law.  Parents and politicians are part of the problem when they don’t instill respect for police and other first responders.  It will be difficult to find new recruits for the police academy when each time they put on the badge may be the last.  It’s time for all citizens to work with law enforcement for safer communities and a stronger America.

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