Child Abuse

The Democrats and their “joined at the hip” media friends are attacking the Trump Administration for separating adults and children of illegal immigrants when they cross the border.  Although AG Jeff Sessions has called for zero tolerance enforcement of this policy, it was previously employed by past administrations (including President Obama).  The children are placed in foster care while adults are detained.  This is similar to what happens when an American citizen breaks the law and happens to have dependent children.  In the case of illegal immigrants, foster parents commonly provide false information to government officials.  Because they have been given bogus information agents are later unable to track the location of these children.  The Left then accuses the government of “losing” these children.  In actuality this is a crafty way of sneaking illegal children into the country who can later claim DACA designation.  The Left is willing to overlook the Obama sins but later accuse President Trump of racism for identical behavior.  Obama not only employed this same immigration policy but deported thousands of illegal immigrants without public rebuke.  The Left is coaching illegal immigrants to travel with young children in hopes of a more lenient approach from border patrol agents.  These may not even be their own natural children and some could potentially be gang members wishing to spread their sadistic message in America.  Immigrants traveling with random children are acting as unwitting coyotes.  Just as the Left has abused the poor and minorities already living within the U.S., they are abusing immigrants wishing to enter our country.  On many levels, illegal immigrants are being preyed upon.

It is difficult for me to understand the Left’s reasoning for bringing as many illegals into the U.S. as possible.  Apparently they (Dems) believe these are future voters although most are not interested in citizenship.  The Left is not providing a service to these vulnerable individuals. The journey from their native lands is fraught with innumerable dangers and hardships.  Some are physically and mentally traumatized and others may not survive the trip.  Children are particularly vulnerable and may be made to carry drugs or be forced into prostitution both before and after reaching the U.S.  The media is calling out the wrong parties for acts of cruelty.  It is safer for illegal immigrants to remain in their current homes than to believe the false promises of the Dems.  Reaching the U.S. is an arduous (and sometimes deadly) trip.  The plight of these poor immigrants is on the consciences of liberal Democrats and their accomplices in the media.

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