Takes One to Know One

The general public has a low regard for members of Congress with some polls suggesting single-digit approval ratings.  Adam Schiff is a the perfect example of why that fact is the reality in today’s politics.  Schiff loves the spotlight and is constantly criticizing the President while not having any ideas of his own.  My personal opinion of politicians in general (and Adam Schiff in particular) is even worse than that of most Americans.  I believe politics is a second career for most, pursued after failing at a primary career.  Politics is a way of making money without having to work.  I have yet to find a poor politician and heaven knows they do not create a product that truly improves society.  What few bills they manage to pass are for the benefit of themselves and their donors.  At the same time they attack accomplished business leaders for having achieved success through hard work.   The attitude of many politicians, especially Democrats, is to heavily tax wealthy members of the community and punish them for their prosperity.  We know how many of the wealthiest made their millions, but it is less clear how politicians manage to amass fortunes on meager salaries.  I’m not accusing them of illegal activities, but influential politicians receive money from a number of outside sources.  Special interest groups essentially buy votes on bills favorable to their business or social cause.  Politicians see themselves as the “blameless” recipients of extravagant gifts and donations.   The average American doesn’t have similar “friends” and see such activity as unethical.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer did not support the recent tax bill that has helped so many working class families.  They criticized the bill as a handout to the wealthy.  In reality they would lose their generous mortgage deductions on the MULTIPLE extravagant homes that each owns.  Add to that the $10,000 cap on state and local taxes and each would ultimately pay their “fair share” of taxes.

Adam Schiff wants voters to “throw the bums out” when referring to Republican politicians who have not pushed the President’s agenda.  How about the Democratic politicians who have done their best to block the Trump agenda.  The goal of the Dems is resistance by delaying legislation and the appointment of qualified candidates.  Voters should throw these bums out as well.   I have not been very happy with many of our RINOs in the Senate.  Electing more Republicans in “red states” would solve many of the problems the President has experienced thus far.  Term limits is probably the only way to rid the country of parasites like Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer.   If voters take Schiff’s advice, he will find himself out of a lucrative job.

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