Another Tragedy

The war on cops continues as another officer was killed in Dickson County, Tennessee. Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Baker responded to a 911 call regarding a suspicious vehicle.  Sgt Baker, a marine and 10 year veteran of the police force, was found dead in his vehicle.  Although details have not been released to the public authorities suspect Steven Wiggins of committing the murder.  A widespread search is underway for Wiggins who was reported for domestic violence the day before the murder.  How often have we seen warning signs of an impending disaster yet are unable to prevent a potential threat from a future crime?  This had to have been an ambush if Sgt Baker was found in his vehicle.  It appears he did not even have time to exit his squad car to investigate the situation.  There is no other explanation how a marine and 10 year veteran of the force could have been killed in his vehicle.  Perhaps this could have been prevented had Sgt Baker had a partner in the car with him.  Communities with adequate resources are dispatching department vehicles with two officer teams.  The Dickson County Sheriff’s Department lacks the personnel and funding that many larger municipal departments enjoy.  Police officers already have an extremely dangerous job and it is getting more dangerous by the day.  Regardless of how or when the war on cops began, it has to stop.  We can not remain a civilized society if the people we rely upon to enforce law and order are under attack.

The assault on society’s peacemakers must stop.  I place much of the blame on the media and politicians in search of votes.  Both are quick to judge police actions as “over-aggressive” and frequently racist.  Despite the fact that police shootings are rare, every isolated incident is played over and over in the media.  If the victim is black the stories of racism are over the top.  The first instinct of any individual is survival and police officers are no different.  They must protect themselves as well as members of the community and one of their first responsibilities is to neutralize any threat.  The media sensationalizes police encounters to boost their ratings and they often don’t share the entire picture with the public.  Media reporting should be tempered until all sides have been heard and evidence analyzed.  Citizens can help by “getting involved” as witnesses and simply showing support for our officers.  If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem.

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