Not Flying High

The Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles won’t be flying high at the White House today.  They have apparently rejected the opportunity to share a congratulatory visit with the President over their national anthem protest.  I thought these were professionals who were supposed to perform despite adversity.  My opinion has been and continues to be one of pampered, over-paid rich kids.  President Trump was following the tradition of past presidents of inviting champions to the White House highlighting their achievements.  You would think these narcissists would love the attention and praise from the Commander in Chief.  Only 9 Eagle players accepted the White House invitation so President Trump cancelled the entire visit.  The Philadelphia mayor called the President an egomaniac over the snub but it seems to me it is the professional athletes who are the egomaniacs.  Like the Hollywood and Silicon Valley elitists they believe their opinion is more important than that of our military members serving to protect our freedom.  The President is using the occasion to invite fans for a celebration of patriotic music, including the controversial national anthem.  The media portrayed the cancellation as an impulsive, vindictive act directed at the kneeling controversy.  In actuality the cancellation was due to the fact that only a fraction of the team was willing to make an appearance.  It should be considered an honor to meet the President for any reason, regardless of whoever occupies the White House.  Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee believes it is time the tradition of inviting champions to the White House ends.  If these events are going to be politicized then it does need to come to an end.  By virtue of their service, veterans believe in the freedoms of speech and expression, however most feel protest should be conducted in another fashion.  When you consider the dangers faced by our military, there should never be disrespect for the very flag each of them risked their lives to preserve.  Without the sacrifice of countless military members these athletes would not be earning millions of dollars to play a game.

We have just celebrated Memorial Day, a day in which we pay our respects to the men and women who did make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  These are true heroes and heroines who faced extreme dangers yet never wavered in their commitment.  The greatest danger most NFL players face is a career-ending injury or a concussion.  Players do not work in a vacuum and fans ultimately decide players’ future.  I will not be watching any NFL football for another season and perhaps ever again.  If enough fans feel the same then we can ultimately control the outcome of this issue.  I am for equality and social justice, but this is not the time or manner in which to protest.

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