Political Winds

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin recently announced that he would consider supporting President Trump in his re-election bid for the presidency in 2020.  Either Senator Manchin suddenly got religion or he is simply going with the political winds.  I believe it is the latter since he was a staunch Hillary supporter in 2016.  The Senator has been faithful to the Democrats’ obstructionist strategy, breaking with the Dems only in approving a highly qualified candidate (Gina Haspel) to head the CIA.  He voted along with the rest of his Democratic Senate colleagues on every other legislative effort since the 2016 election.   He voted against healthcare reform (which was defeated) and tax reform (which passed).  I would venture to say that most West Virginians benefited from the lower personal and corporate taxes.  Although the Dems like to portray tax reform as mostly a boost to the wealthy and big business, the average worker saw larger take home paychecks.  Many companies expanded, increased hiring and gave bonuses and wage increases to their employees.  The economy has taken off since the passage of the bill and the GDP is the highest since Ronald Reagan was president.  It appears to me that tax reform was a win-win for nearly everyone.  The Dems so hate President Trump that they can’t ever give him credit for the numerous accomplishments in his short term in office.  Not only are they unwilling to make positive comments, they continue to portray these gains in a negative light.  Nancy Pelosi will not recant on her famous “crumbs” comment but instead has doubled down with her idiotic comments.  Pelosi makes a great argument for term limits as she has definitely outlived her usefulness in Congress.

The President’s popularity and approval in his handling of the economy has steadily increased.  Trump won West Virginia by a “huge” margin as Bernie would say, so Joe Manchin wants to be the President’s new best bud.  Average Americans despise politicians for this type of activity.  Joe Manchin is a prime example of how politicians want climb on the bandwagon of the latest winning side.  I think for the first time in his career, Senator Manchin is facing potential unemployment.  I hope voters see through his courting of President Trump and the President’s successful policies.  Sorry Senator, but you are one of the bums that needs to be thrown out.

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