Technology Traitors

One of Silicon Valley’s most progressive and prosperous technology companies has decided that it will not work with the Pentagon to develop the latest artificial intelligence (AI).  I suppose they feel that helping our military maintain a technologic advantage over our enemies is promoting war-like activities.  The great General Robert E. Lee once said, “It is well that war is so terrible, or we would grow too fond of it.”  The Pentagon does not want war but they have to be prepared to defend our nation by whatever means necessary, whether that be in the sphere of nuclear weapons or AI.  We always hope for the best but must be prepared for the worst.  How can Google employees be so intelligent yet so dumb?  It is comparable to hating the police but calling 911 when you have a burglar breaking into your home.  By continuing to develop the latest in weaponry and artificial intelligence, we are preventing future wars.  Peace through strength is not some empty slogan, it is a fact of life.  China, Russia, Iran and even North Korea are aggressively working in the areas of artificial intelligence and are constantly trying to hack into our computer systems.  We must remain more advanced than these sworn enemies or they will attack our power grids, financial institutions and even our military bases.  Virtually every aspect of our society is dependent on computers and various types of technology.   Future wars may be won in cyberspace without ever firing a shot!  Google has worked with China and actually has hard assets in that country.  They are willing to work with the Chinese on technological advances yet refuse to help our own national defense.  Every part of the Chinese economy is controlled by the military therefore working with Chinese companies is essentially working with the Chinese military.

Google’s behavior is blatant treason; aiding and abetting the enemy.  This is a threat to all Americans.  The opportunities and freedom found in the U.S. has permitted Google to grow into a multi-billion dollar giant.  The many freedoms we enjoy have only remained a part of American life through the sacrifices of our military.  Our fighting forces deserve access to all the research and development within corporate America.  Google and other large corporations run the risk of their own demise if they shun the Pentagon for our potential adversaries.  Once again elitist condescension is on display by those who feel they know what is best for the rest of us.  As I and many of my colleagues are fond of saying, “There is no cure for stupid.”

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