Hollywood Hatred

Robert DeNiro made a fool of himself and was an embarrassment on national television when he attacked President Trump at the Tony Awards.  DeNiro has made no secret of the fact he dislikes our president but his vulgarity when speaking about our Commander in Chief was both disgusting and disgraceful.  Presidential elections invoke emotions on both sides of the political aisle and it is understandable to be disappointed with the outcome.  The mature behavior is to accept the results and perhaps offer to work with the new Administration.  Mr. DeNiro is a wealthy, influential actor who once held the respect of most Americans.  His repeated, outspoken attacks on President Trump have now made him largely irrelevant outside the Hollywood scene.  Mr. DeNiro could have been a catalyst for social and political change but instead he has chosen a path of foul-mouthed resistance.  The hallmark of a democratic society is the open and free election of its leaders.  The two party system is advantageous to the exchange of ideas and prevents one party from exerting undue influence over the country.  What has always been unique in America is how election results do not impair our ability to unite for the greater good of the nation.  I am deeply concerned over the increasing division within America; it is a greater threat to the Republic than any outside forces.  Many of the Hollywood elites (and apparently professional athletes) have been unwilling to accept the election results.  They believe their selfish needs outweighs the needs of others.  Perhaps they irrationally believe if they oppose the President that somehow the election results will be reversed.

The country survived 8 years of socialist policies under Obama without resorting to the level of incivility we see today.  The actions of Mr. DeNiro and unpatriotic displays by entitled athletes are only strengthening the President’s base support and pushing independents to the President’s defense.  We are Americans first and foremost, regardless of our political leanings.  Division weakens America as a world power and provides incentive to our enemies.  Our greatness derives from our capacity to work together regardless of our racial, religious, socioeconomic or political background.  Life is full of disappointment and if you are incapable of managing setbacks, you’re doomed to failure.  The most successful people are those who turn adversity into a valuable learning experience.

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