Cult Idiocy

Senator Bob Corker (who is stepping down this year) suggested that members of Congress who agree with President Trump were part of a “cult.”  I’m embarrassed to admit that Senator Corker actually represents my state and was elected to reflect the values of Tennessee.  These days he sounds increasingly more like a liberal Democrat than the Conservative Republican voters expected.  Corker’s retirement is not really a surprise since he faced an uphill struggle for another term in office.  There are at least a half-dozen Republican candidates running for his Senate seat, each proclaiming their conservative ideals.  The recent primary election in South Caroline pitted an anti-Trump sitting House of Representatives candidate Mark Sanford against a relative unknown, Katie Arrington.  Arrington defeated Sanford  chiefly because he was outwardly hostile to Trump and attacked many of the President’s policies.  The President sent out a tweet of support for Arrington just before the election, a fact that probably solidified her win.  The President’s popularity among Republicans is extremely high and it is unwise to run against Trump initiatives, especially if running on a Republican ballot.  Democrats are looking for a “blue wave” this fall, but it would not surprise me to see quite the opposite.  Corey Booker (who obviously has presidential aspirations) insinuated that Trump supporters did not “love America enough.”  This is a totally ludicrous proposition; what have Dems done for America lately?  They are allowing illegal criminals and drug traffickers to pour into the country and then promoting “sanctuary” to those who commit crimes.  I am pleased to say that I support Trump PRECISELY because I love America!

We went from a president who  appeared ashamed of America and its accomplishments to one who proudly proclaims our greatness.  Obama depleted our military and (with his apology tour) weakened our standing on the world stage.  It was patriotism and love for America that led to Trump’s election.  Trump promised to “make America great again” and he is keeping his word.  Average Americans didn’t want apologies or empty promises that were never completed.  We elected someone who would restore our rightful place in the world and follow through on campaign pledges.  Most politicians don’t know how to meet a budget or keep a deadline (much less a promise).  Patriotic Americans love America and love Trump.  Corey Booker (and Dems in general) will run on campaigns of division and political promises.  We have already seen what President Trump can achieve in just 500 days.  If Trump support represents a cult then count me in.

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