Inequality Under the Law

The Inspector General released his 500-page report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  In the past President Trump was severely criticized and ridiculed by the media when he suggested that the election was being rigged and he was wiretapped.  As it turns out, he was correct on all counts.  As most of us suspected the report was not complimentary of FBI leadership, particularly former Director James Comey.  According to the IG Comey had no business conducting the Clinton investigation to begin with.  He did not follow protocol during the investigation and conducted FBI business on his own email.  Wasn’t this the very reason he was investigating Clinton?  The determination of whether or not a case should be prosecuted is solely the responsibility of  the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General.  The FBI is strictly an investigative body (hence the title Federal Bureau of Investigation).  The Department of Justice takes evidence gathered and decides if there are sufficient grounds to move forward with a prosecution.  The IG was too easy on Mr. Comey who was guilty of far more than insubordination.  He lied to Congress and other FBI agents, a crime for which General Flynn was indicted.  General Flynn was intentionally entrapped, whereas Comey freely misled Congress and his own agency.  If Justice is truly blind, why hasn’t Comey been charged with a crime?  The media accused the President of believing that he is above the law but it is FBI agents who believe they are above the law.  Text messages from numerous high-ranking agents indicate they were plotting to block Trump from winning the election.  Some of those text messages actually sounded threatening.  A number of novels have been written and movies made where government agents enacted their own form of justice.

The IG report did not go far enough, only scaping the surface of criminal activity that took place under the Obama Administration.  It is not inconceivable that roots of the Clinton email investigation ran all the way to the Obama White House.  President Obama emailed Hillary on her private server on several occasions and then denied knowing she was using her own server.  This was the same server she used for highly classified material and the same one that experts believe was hacked.  In an effort to cover up her illegal activity she destroyed cell phones and “bleach bit” her hard drive.  Why would Hillary have gone through such efforts if not to cover up a crime?  There is no equal justice under the law in Washington, D.C.  If all the criminal activity in the Capital were thoroughly investigated, our Justice system would be running full steam until the end of time.

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