Separation Hysteria

The Left has gone totally insane with their outrageous comments about the Trump Administration’s approach to illegal immigration.  This president is simply enforcing the laws that previous presidents were afraid to do.  Remember previous presidents also promised to get tough on North Korea and to move our Embassy to Jerusalem.  Past presidents were politicians first and leaders second.  This president is not afraid to make difficult decisions that are best for the country.  Our southern border has been completely porous to illegal immigrants and has been a portal for drugs, weapons and human trafficking.  The media has been critical of every action this president has taken since assuming office.  They’ve gone over the top on this issue however, enlisting the Catholic Church and even former first lady Laura Bush in an effort to portray the President as inhumane and cruel.  The true cruelty in this instance is using innocent children as pawns to reach a goal.  If parents truly care about their children they would not subject them to a dangerous journey and use their presence as a “border pass” into the U.S.  A substantial number of detained children are actually unaccompanied by family members and are being transported by coyotes.  Some children may be serving as mules for importing illegal drugs or for sexual exploitation.  The media is portraying border agents “ripping babies from the breast” and sending children to concentration camps.  The reality is that most children are being housed in modern facilities with medical care, social services, hot meals and ample play opportunities.  These are far from “concentration camps” and are probably much better than the living conditions they left behind.  Most of these children must be taught the basics of flush toilets, showers and simple hygiene.

The media does not want the truth to be told because children are NOT separated from families seeking asylum in the appropriate manner.  They are being removed temporarily from parents entering illegally or when accompanying children are not biologically related.  The Democrats do not want to solve the immigration issue because they feel such visual images benefit their election chances.  The President is bringing the topic into public view in hopes that something will finally get done legislatively.  Despite all this negative publicity I’m doubtful that the Dems will actually do something.  They are the ones hurting illegals and playing with the emotions of everyone involved.  The President and AG Sessions are the ones demonstrating courage.  Schumer and Pelosi only want to whine and complain.  Term limits looks more attractive every day!

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