Committee Theatrics

Democratic members of Congress turned the congressional hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray and IG Michael Horowitz into a theatrical event.  Representative Jerrold Nadler, without being recognized, began reading his prepared statement that “these children are not animals.”  Then women and children from the audience likewise began shouting “families belong together.”  This was obviously a pre-planned event designed to attack the Trump Administration and its enforcement of immigration laws.  The purpose of the congressional hearing was to allow the House and Senate Judiciary Committees the opportunity to question the FBI Director and the Inspector General over the handling of the Clinton email probe.  The Democrats do not want any additional attention focused on Clinton nor on the blatant bias in the FBI.  Congressional members expressed a concern over anti-Trump messages sent by upper level members of the FBI.  Current Director Wray defended the agency but said he was making changes.  Despite finding numerous derogatory text messages by agents and lawyers at the FBI, Inspector General Horowitz stated that the Clinton investigation was not tainted by political bias or considerations.  Peter Strzok was a prominent member of both the Clinton investigation and the Mueller Russia probe.  As a lead investigator he did not require Clinton to be questioned under oath nor make any recording of the questioning.  He is also the agent who swore he would stop Trump from becoming president.  Everyone within the Obama Administration was granted immunity by the DOJ yet these individuals still pleaded the fifth and refused to answer anything.  This was not justice by any stretch of the imagination but more characteristic of a third-world kangaroo court.

The Democrats are trying to gain political points over the immigration issue and portray this Administration as inhumane and cruel.  Elijah Cummings (known for grandstanding) also blasted the Administration for placing children in internment camps.  The media is in bed with the Democrats and have blown the entire issue out of proportion.  Many of the pictures of children in cages were stages for their visual impact.  The Department of Homeland Security is quickly constructing facilities to house the flood of immigrants.  If the Democrats would tone down the language and quit encouraging migrants, perhaps DHS could get a handle on the influx.  The Democrats don’t have a platform on which to run, so they are trying to build this issue (which they created) into the “blue wave” they are praying for.  The Dems have hijacked immigration and are unlikely to pass any legislation that would actually solve the problem.  To do so would leave them completely without a “leg to stand on.”  They will continue to kick the can down the road to the 2020 presidential election.  You can take that to the bank.

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