Death of Civility

The Democrats and their allies in the media have crossed all lines of decency and believe that any behavior is acceptable when attacking political opponents.  Chuck Schumer and other liberal Democrats are distorting what is taking place along our porous southern border.  The media is complicit in working the Left into a frenzy over separating adults and children who cross the border illegally.  Breaking the law is no different whether you are a U.S. citizen or not, children and adults cannot be housed in the same cell.  Where is the outrage for Americans who have broken the law and must leave their children behind?  The President has signed an Executive Order to reunite families but this is no simple task.  Border patrol agents have been overrun with migrants (most of whom bring children who may be unrelated).  There are portals of entry where those wishing to claim political asylum may enter without separating families.  Coyotes could care less about portals, their interest is getting people to the border and collecting their hefty fees.  The Dems want to make this an issue and the media sensationalize every image of a crying child.  Democratic politicians are calling ICE the Gestapo but ICE’s task is difficult and dangerous, no thanks to some Mayors and Governors.  Nancy Pelosi and many of her associates want to embrace MS-13 members while demonizing ICE agents who are simply enforcing the law.  Regulating who is entering our country and where is a matter of national security.  Everyone deplores the opiate crisis yet they choose to ignore where and how illegal drugs are entering the states.  Border agents risk their lives to protect us from drug smuggling cartels and human trafficking.  Children of illegal immigrants will be reunited but what will happen to our own children?  American families are being permanently separated by gang-related violence and overdose deaths.  Look at what is happening in Europe and Scandinavia from uncontrolled immigration.  Open borders means opening the door to crime and terrorism.

This past week has seen members of the Trump Administration harassed in restaurants and even in their own neighborhoods.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service in a Virginai restaurant over her association to POTUS.  How hypocritical the Left is on this issue because a baker had to appeal to the Supreme Court over his refusal to bake a specialty cake for a gay wedding.  The actions of this Administration are similar to ones we have seen in past Administrations, but the media did not choose to make it headline news.  Nor did politicians turn such actions into a publicity circus for political gain.   The media and Democrats are inciting potential violence by referring to detention centers as concentration camps and Trump supporters as Nazis.  By labeling Trump and supporters as evil, the opposition can resort to whatever means necessary to remove what they perceive as a threat.  I’m disgusted with the hatred promulgated by the Democrats and the Democratic media.  We are no better than a third world country when one political party controls the national media and the message they send.  If we can’t treat each other with dignity and respect, then our nation is not long for greatness.

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