Media Massacre

A lone shooter with a personal grudge against the Annapolis Capital Gazette newspaper entered the offices of the publication yesterday and opened fire on employees.  Five people were killed and numerous others injured.  Not surprisingly the liberal media began blaming this on the President for his harsh commentary of the press.  There has been a blatant anti-Trump bias in all aspects of the media since he (Trump) first announced his candidacy.  Several different analyses have indicated that some 90% of stories on President Trump were negative.  I believe the media has lost the battle of public opinion with respect to integrity and fairness.  Criticism of the media is well-deserved because of their repeated rush to judgment with outrageous headlines.  Often times stories are inaccurate since they are published before facts have been verified.  Trump has pointed out how often the media “has it wrong” and his label of “fake news” is quite appropriate.  In this particular instance, the shooter, Jarrod Ramos, had sued the newspaper in 2012 for defamation over a column written by Thomas Hartley.  Mr. Hartley’s column accused Ramos of harassing a woman on Facebook.  The Ramos lawsuit named Hartley along with the editor/publisher and the newspaper’s owner Capital Gazette Communications.  Ramos lost the suit as well as an appeal in the appellate court.  Ramos used his twitter account to denounce Hartley and the newspaper for a period of time but then went silent.  It appears the attack on the Capital Gazette was well-planned and could very well have resulted in even more casualties.  Reportedly first responders were on the scene in less than a minute, undoubtedly saving lives.

At least in this instance we are not listening to the Left’s attack on firearms.  The weapon used by the shooter was a shotgun, perhaps the most often owned rifle in America.  Nearly every rural home owns a shotgun usually for the purpose of hunting.  It is also an excellent choice for home defense; nothing is superior for this objective.  At close range a 12-gauge shotgun is extremely lethal.  If shot at close range you are more likely to survive a wound from a conventional firearm than a shotgun.  Most burglars will flee at the sound of a shotgun being cocked (indicating a chambered shell).  Assault with a shotgun is an indication of the shooter’s lethal intent.  This is yet another excuse for the media to malign the President and suggest he is not qualified to be the president.  Trump is unconventional but he has already accomplished more than the previous administration did in eight years.  The media is complicit at some level for contributing to this attack.  They are not shy when it comes to destroying the reputation and character of individuals to achieve higher ratings or to sell more papers.  Trump fights back with words but others don’t have the same capability of fighting back.  Others with fewer resources may choose a different means to seek justice.  President George H. Bush wisely used the expression “kinder & gentler.”  We could all use some of that now.

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