Unnamed Cowards

In recent years we have seen countless “unnamed sources” leak confidential information to the press in an obvious attempt to harm President Trump.  The irrational hatred for President Trump is completely out of hand.  Cowardly Americans in our government are willing to place our national security at risk to destroy the Trump Administration.  In the process they are destroying our country; a rather high price to pay in an effort to bring down a political enemy.  The most recent and dangerous example of that is the “intelligence leak” reporting North Korea appears to be expanding their nuclear enrichment despite promising to denuclearize.  Intelligence on such matters should be left to the Pentagon and other experts in that arena.  What purpose does it serve in giving that information to civilians except to create undue anxiety and make Trump look bad.  The President had the courage to meet with the North Korean dictator and obtain a verbal agreement on removing nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula.  No previous administration had the moxie to speak with the NOK leader.  Trump is willing to talk with any leader, friend or foe.  What we have recently come to learn is that many of our “friends” are screwing us on trade.  In addition we are expected to be the piggy bank for NATO and the United Nations.  We have been played the fool for too long and I am pleased with how the President is calling out these imbalances.  With friends such as we have in the EU who needs enemies?  Next on Trump’s agenda is a meeting with Russian President Putin.  The President seems to follow the playbook, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  It appears that the real enemies of the President and our nation are the cowards who leak information, sometimes of a classified nature, to the disreputable media.  The leakers are emboldened and the media gets to play “gotcha.”  This is a dangerous game that will take our nation down.

I am sick of the political division that seems to grow wider every day.  It is fed by selfish egos and hatred for what America has always stood for.  Political division is in turn spreading to the grass roots and dividing us along political, racial and economic lines.  We are a nation of immigrants but we can’t withstand uncontrolled migration, particularly when we are unable to determine who is escaping violence from who is bent on violence.  We must control our borders and attacking law enforcement agencies such as ICE will make us all less safe.  Absence of law enforcement breeds crime and anarchy.  It is time Congress and all Americans start acting like responsible adults.  Throughout history great civilizations were destroyed from within.  It appears we are well on the way to self-destruction unless we wake up.  Leakers who jeopardize our security should be prosecuted instead of rewarded.  There should be no glory in aiding the enemy, that is treason.  If liberals and socialists are successful in bringing down President Trump, America will never be the same.

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