Anti-Catholic Crusade

The President plans to name his selection to replace Supreme Court Justice Kennedy on July 9.  Despite the fact he has yet to name someone, Dems in the Senate are already sharpening their swords in anticipation of a crusade against any Conservative Christian.  There is definitely a double standard in our country when we preach religious tolerance unless you happen to be Christian.  One of President Trump’s top picks, Amy Barrett, is a Catholic who attended Notre Dame.  She, like every other person on Trump’s list of 25, is highly qualified and the Dems know that attacking her credentials is pointless.  The only aspect of Barrett’s life that will be questioned is her faith.  At one time the U.S. was considered a largely Christian nation.  Most businesses continue to close on Sundays allowing Americans to worship in the church, mosque or synagogue of their choice.  The Dems have made Christianity (Catholicism in particular) out to be a liability.  Heaven forbid should religious teachings enter into our daily lives or court decisions.  Our religious beliefs do influence our thinking and our behavior, but judges tend to rule on cases based on the merits of each case.  Liberal Democrats are losing their minds over fear that a Catholic Justice will overturn Roe vs Wade that legalized abortion.  Abortion would not likely come under scrutiny by the Court, regardless of who was appointed to replace Kennedy.  Abortion should remain legal for those situations where it is medically necessary to preserve a mother’s well-being/life.  To view abortion as a form of birth control, however is immoral since the procedure destroys a viable human life.  Just because she is Catholic, I don’t see Judge Barrett striking down the legal status of abortion.  Any challenge to this 40+ yr old decision would have to be judged on a case by case basis.  The Court respects precedent and Roe vs Wade would not automatically be challenged by a new Supreme Court simply because it had a new composition of Justices.

We don’t know that Appeals Court Judge Amy Barrett will be the President’s pick to replace Kennedy.  She is the youngest of those on the President’s list and Trump has suggested he wants a Justice who will be on the Court for 30-40 years.  This would be an excellent selection from the standpoint of proven qualifications, current age and her female gender.  It would be totally unfair for Democratic Senators to base their confirmation decision on religion alone.  President Trump’s previous Supreme Court selection, Justice Gorsuch received 3 affirmative votes from Democratic Senators.  Those same Senators and more are up for re-election in “red” states that President Trump won in 2016.  Opposing the President on his SCOTUS pick is running a risk of defeat in November.  The President is wise to push his Justice selection and Senate confirmation BEFORE the November elections for this very reason.  The morality of our nation has taken many hits from politicians, Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes.  It is about time we put some Christians in influential positions to restore our moral compass.

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