Never Ending Story

The Robert Mueller team is asking for more money and more investigators.  What a surprise since after more than a year they have found no evidence that President Trump was colluding with the Russians.  I guess $17 million is not enough to conduct a thorough enough investigation to find some dirt on the President.  Perhaps there are a few more unemployed Democratic lawyers in Washington that need in on the government dime.  Isn’t it strange that Mr. Mueller couldn’t locate a single Republican lawyer to join his investigation.  Despite ganging up on the President they have only found minor charges against some of his campaign staff.  General Flynn was entrapped with the hope that he would “flip” on the President.  I suppose Democrats don’t understand that the only information military members give is name, rank and serial number.  In the meantime the biggest criminal in Washington, D.C. (Hillary Clinton) continues her book tour and pity party.  She has committed enough crimes to lock her away for the rest of her life.  Let’s begin with breaking her government-sworn contract to use the very secure, federal server for all business emails.  Then she set up her personal server in an unsecured location (bathroom closet) and stored classified emails on that server.  She obstructed justice by destroying cell phones (with a hammer) and “bleach bitting” her hard drive to remove all evidence of her crimes.  She lied to the FBI, Congress and the American public of her wrongdoing on multiple occasions.  She got the Attorney General to recuse herself from the email investigation after her suspicious tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.  The Inspector General’s report revealed that this was no random encounter.  In fact Bill Clinton’s Secret Service agents (along with the disgraced FBI) arranged the meeting with AG Loretta Lynch.  Caught red-handed Lynch then convinced FBI Director Comey to refer to the investigation as a “matter.”  This is yet another example of obstruction of justice by the former president.  The Clintons are Teflon-coated and no criminal charges are ever allowed to stick to them.  The email investigation itself was a sham led by a Trump-hating, wife-cheating FBI agent, Peter Strzok.

There is definitely a double standard in Washington.  The Dems, particularly if your name is Clinton, are allowed to commit crimes without any penalties.  If you happen to be conservative (or Republican) you are on the endangered species list.  Washington is full of sharks circling the waters ready to attack.  I agree with Trey Gowdy’s “put up or shut up” attitude.  We have wasted enough tax payer dollars, enough to have purchased an F-35 fighter plane.  This is truly a Mueller witch hunt that is becoming an obvious Democratic-inspired attack on the President.  President Trump must love this country to subject himself to the abuse he has received.  Despite what Hollywood believes, the average American is not stupid.  They are sick of politics and the silly games the Dems are playing.  I’m confident that barring some unforeseen event, Trump will be re-elected in 2020.  Keep America Great in 2020!

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