I Told You So

North Korea is calling American negotiators “gangsters” for wanting concrete details regarding the uranium enrichment facilities and the number and location of their nuclear arsenal.  President Trump and his team signed a good faith agreement last month to help in the disposal of the NOK nukes and eventual economic development of North Korea.  I’m sure Kim Jong Un looks to their southern neighbors with some degree of envy.  The South Korean economy is to be emulated by any and all developing nations.  The people of North Korea have been deprived of many basic necessities so Kim could feed his military ego.  If not for the extensive economic support from China, the country would be in even more dire straits.  The political “experts” and the media all predicted that NOK could not be trusted to keep their word.  Like a smoker who tries repeatedly to “kick the habit” President Trump wanted to attempt a “carrot” approach, knowing full well the past track record of the country’s leaders.   This harsh language may be a negotiating tactic because he used tough talk before agreeing to the initial summit with Trump.  When the President called off their meeting, Kim suddenly mellowed and expressed a desire to denuclearize.  Kim may believe that talking tough places him in a position of strength.  Pompeo’s response to the gangster label was to say that the entire world, then, is a gangster for wanting the North Koreans to denuclearize.  The President will undoubtedly “call his bluff” and tighten sanctions further or threaten the “stick” approach of tactical air strikes.  I’m sure the military actions taken in Syria on two separate occasions have not been lost on Kim.  The NOK dictator is only emboldened by the fact he is backed by China.  China pulls the strings of NOK and their leader so the sudden tough talk was likely mandated by the Chinese.  China is already losing the “trade war” with the U.S. since we are such a huge market for Chinese goods.  The China stock market has fallen over 20% since tariff talk began while the U.S. stock market continues to rally.  Tough talk from NOK is simply China fighting back.

The media wants President Trump to fail, regardless of the endeavor.  When he talked harshly to Kim they accused him of leading us into war.  Then when the meeting took place they were critical that anything meaningful could be accomplished.  Now the media is gleefully saying, “I told you so.”  President Trump may not be a politician, but as an experienced businessman, he knows human nature and human behavior.  I have faith in his ability to come out on top.  The President has surrounded himself with extremely capable individuals who continue to work under the radar to reach our goals.  Kim Jong Un and President Xi of China will be the losers in a strategic game of poker with this president.  On this particular issue, my money is on the President and his Administration.  It is abundantly clear how a strong military is to our benefit; so other nations can’t threaten or attempt to strong arm us.

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