Friend or Foe

The Democrats and their allies in the media continue to pound on the President for meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.  John Brennan, former CIA Director und President Obama said the President’s behavior was “treasonous.”  This is hypocritical coming from someone who voted for the Communist Party candidate, Gus Hall in the 1976 Presidential Election.  Shortly after Obama’s election in 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Moscow where she met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.  Clinton was all smiles as she proudly presented a “Reset” button to Lavrov as a sign of improved relations between the two countries.  This is the same Secretary of State who arranged to sell the rights to 20% of our uranium supplies to Russia in return for a $43 million contribution to the Clinton Foundation.  I suppose Brennan doesn’t consider selling uranium to Russia as treasonous.  Not once in his 8 years in office did anyone in the Obama Administration attempt to get tough with Putin or Russia.  Obama sat on his hands as Putin annexed Crimea and then invaded Georgia and the Ukraine.  Obama would not even arm either nation so as to defend themselves.  Obama’s famous “hot mic” incident where he promised the Russians that he could cut deals after his second term election.  Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for his statement that Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat.  If anyone befriended Putin it was Team Clinton/Obama.  When Obama was pre-warned of Russian meddling in 2016 the strongest response to Putin was a stern “cut it out.”  If anything that emboldened Putin with a weak, incompetent president in charge of the U.S.  The double standard tolerated by a Democratic president is blatantly disgusting.  Even though the Democrats have the media to push their agenda Americans are not fooled.  Perhaps the Dems would prefer Trump take an aggressive stance with Putin but when you consider both nations are capable of total nuclear destruction, an amicable approach is preferable.  We are not dealing with a North Korea, who possess a few nukes but an unreliable number of intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them.

Disgraced figures like John Brennan and James Comey hope to regain public relevance by leading the attack on the President.  There are a number of crises in the world that threaten world conflagration, most of which were created by previous presidencies.  I find the President’s willingness to tackle these problems with a blend of carrot/stick maneuvers hopeful.  The benign neglect employed by previous presidents has only made things worse.  This president is rebuilding our armed forces and imposing heavy sanctions on Russia.  In addition we are now supplying arms to the Georgians and Ukranians and installing a missile defense system in Poland.  Castigating the Germans for their joint energy pipeline with Russia and shaming NATO members into meeting their financial commitments are signs that President Trump is serious about stopping Russian expansion.  Discussions with our adversaries is preferred over launching missiles at each other.  I suggest we give peace a chance, the alternative is not a good one.

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