Civil War 2.0

From the beginning of the Republic, our political system has been dominated by a two party system.  From time to time attempts have been made to form a third party, but such efforts have generally been unsuccessful.  Most often each political party has diametrically opposing points of view giving voters a clear choice based on their own personal ideals and opinions.  Politics has always been somewhat adversarial and the early days of the Republic were sometimes accentuated by duels and fist fights.  Although some political discussions can become heated, we don’t see that kind of behavior anymore.  Campaigns in recent years, however have focused on some pretty nasty attack ads that could be considered “fighting words.”  Whatever happened to taking a positive approach and telling the electorate how you would improve their lives?  Hillary Clinton’s entire platform in the 2016 election consisted of characterizing Donald Trump as an evil person with tendencies toward racism, misogyny and xenophobia.  I couldn’t tell you what she hoped to do for the country if elected.  Following her defeat Clinton was unwilling to accept responsibility for her loss and blamed everyone from James Comey to the Russians.  We now know that Russian intelligence agents attempted to hack into both the DNC and the RNC.  Director of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen in an interview today stated that the Russians wanted to create chaos and were more interested in sowing discourse than favoring one political party over the other.  I’m sure Vladimir Putin and his agents must be smiling knowing they were quite successful.  Our country is more divided than at any time in my memory.  We can no longer discuss social and political issues without the discussion deteriorating into a shouting match.  We are incapable of having a simple difference of opinion.  Often there is open anger and hostility toward those who don’t agree with us.  The Left thinks it acceptable to harass and verbally assault Administration officials in public and Antifa feels justified in bringing clubs and bricks to demonstrations.  These individuals have a blatant disregard for civility and rule of law by their willingness to destroy property and assault anyone outside their group.  This type of behavior isn’t protest, it is anarchy.

The Democrats are suddenly calling for an end to ICE, an organization that is critical to our national security.  If we begin eliminating law enforcement agencies we are well on the way to anarchy and civil war.  Be careful what you wish for because once you set anarchy in motion it is uncontrollable.   Look at what has taken place in Venezuela as an example of a breakdown in the rule of law.  I have stated before that great civilizations were destroyed from within.  If we don’t start respecting our fellow Americans and their right to an opinion, we will defeat our ability to function as a cohesive nation.  Our enemies (Russians, Chinese, North Koreans and Iranians) will conquer us without firing a shot.  United we stand and divided we fall.  I pray we wake up before it is too late.

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