Media Meddling

The media has gotten a great deal of mileage out of the Russia meddling story over the past 18 months.  Despite the fact Robert Mueller has produced no evidence of a coordinated collusion effort by the President to work with the Russians, the media continues to attack him over it.  The Russians did attempt to hack into the DNC and RNC computers but no votes were influenced and their efforts likely had no effect on the election itself.  In reality the real election meddling is being perpetrated by the biased media.  Numerous sources have reported that since the election (and even before the election) some 90% of news coverage of the President has been negative.  Even with success such as passing tax cuts and achieving a 4.1% GDP growth for the second quarter of 2018, the media presents these stories it in a negative light.  Every Obama economist predicted GDP growth over 2% was not possible and both Obama and Clinton said that many of our blue-collar jobs were gone forever.  The President now has factories humming and unemployment is at historic lows.  Instead of crediting the President, CNN and others are saying that such numbers are not sustainable.  The lead story in most media outlets has nothing to do with the economy, but rather the disgraced Michael Cohen.  Cohen illegally recorded private conversations with his client (President Trump) and he released them to networks strongly opposed to President Trump.  If anything, the conversation seems to incriminate Mr. Cohen and not the President.  On the tape Cohen is the one who insists that a payment is necessary and that it should be in cash.  If the President were doing something scandalous, why would he be the one insisting on a check (that is easily traceable)?  Cohen is throwing the President under the bus to protect his lies and questionable behavior.  It is not unusual for prominent people (especially men) to be accused of immoral behavior for the purpose of bribery.  The only evidence of a scandal is the word of these women.  In this type of situation the accused party is presumed guilty even if nothing can be proven.

The sanctimonious media are hounding the President over meddling when it is obvious they are meddling with an agenda to influence the mid-term elections.  They are blatantly abusing their ability to reach large audiences and trying to influence viewers’ opinions (and ultimately their votes).  The Democrats have no agenda, and just as Hillary Clinton had no real platform in 2016, they are focusing on portraying the President as a bad person.  The media will never report any “good news” for which the President can take credit.  The average American is tired of the Russia meddling story and they see the benefits of lower taxes and more spendable income.  The Dems dream of a “blue wave” may turn into a “red wave” nightmare instead.

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