Who’s Zooming Who

LeBron James has inserted himself into the NFL anthem controversy.  Once again a prominent celebrity, whether from Hollywood or the “hardwood” feels that his opinion is somehow more important than that of others.  Just because LeBron is a talented athlete, he is not an expert in politics and race relations.  Perhaps LeBron is taking his title of “King James” too literally.  LeBron has not hidden the fact that he dislikes the President.  He previously stated that if invited to the White House (assuming the Cavaliers won the NBA championship) he would not attend.  Anyone turning down an opportunity to be a guest of the President and visit this historic site is foolish.  No one is going to agree with every policy and action of the President, nonetheless this person (the President) is the MOST powerful individual in the world.  This opportunity is only extended to a limited number of worthy guests.  “King” James needs to put his own ego aside for awhile and show some respect for our leader.  James accuses the President of dividing the nation over the anthem protest.  LeBron is forgetting who started the protest and it wasn’t the President.  The athletes themselves are the ones dividing the nation and if asked to choose between sports and patriotism, the game of football will suffer.  This will be the third season of my boycott of NFL Football, and I am not alone.  Sports are not essential to life and I think families will reap the benefit of Sundays devoted to something other than professional football.  Most fans view sporting events as an escape from politics and the stresses of life.  To protest and demand justice by kneeling during the display of our flag is not the time or the manner in which to seek justice.  Sports is the one venue where performance is the only measure by which a player is judged and not your appearance.

This president is unique in the way he doesn’t avoid issues that are controversial and potentially politically damaging.  He also is unique in understanding the issues that are important to the average citizen.  Most Americans are patriotic and proud of our special role as the world’s peacekeeper.  The American flag and our national anthem are a representation of the sacrifices made by men and women in uniform (and their families).  Disrespecting either or both is like spitting on the graves of those at Arlington National Cemetery and other burial sites for veterans.  America is not perfect, but it is far better than 90% of the world’s nations.  I don’t see disrespecting the flag as advancing any cause.  Kneeling for the anthem is what is dividing our nation, not the President’s language.  Despite what liberals would have you believe, I have seen no ACTIONS of the President as representing racism.  Trump’s success was built on results, not on the color of anyone’s skin.

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