Enemy of the People

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta aggressively confronted Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a recent news briefing and posed the question, “Does the President consider the press enemies of the people?”  Rather than directly answering him Sanders related the fact that she is the first White House Press Secretary to require Secret Service protection.  Mr. Acosta and the other “over the top” liberal reporters constantly attack the President and everything he (President) says and does.  At the same time the media feels free to say whatever they please, whether that endangers those within the Administration.  Acosta will be the first to say he is simply expressing freedom of expression and the press.  His irresponsible behavior, however is inciting threats and potential violence.  When a pro-Trump crowd hurls insults his way he complains like a spoiled child who doesn’t get his way.  Acosta was one of the most outspoken critics of the Helsinki Summit.  I would love to see how “tough guy” Acosta would have approached Putin and “confronted” him over the hacking scandal.  I am not siding with Putin, but MANY countries are attempting to hack into our computer systems.  I am not so concerned with hacking into RNC or DNC computers as I am over hacking into our utility system computers and those related to our national defense.  Shutting down our electrical grids or interfering with computers controlling our nuclear strike force could be devastating.  We can’t demand that Russia or North Korea quit attacking our computer networks when we are doing the very same thing.  Instead of complaining we must develop new weapons in the IT war with our enemies.  Just as we are continually developing new aircraft, ships and field weapons we should be continually developing software to block attempts at infiltrating our networks.  The world is a dangerous place and we must be prepared on all fronts.  I am angered by the West Coast liberal companies who refuse to work with our national defense agencies (including the military).  The best way to prevent war is by being better prepared than our adversaries.

So to answer Mr. Acosta’s question, I can respond with a resounding YES.  When the media’s “news stories” are merely their opinion instead of factual information, they are certainly not fulfilling their responsibility to the American people.  They are quick to run with a story before all the facts are known when it presents the President in a negative light.  Such stories are front page news and if found not to be completely true (as often occurs) their retraction is buried in the back of the publication.  The left-leaning networks like MSNBC and CNN are dividing the nation into two camps:  Trump supporters and Trump haters.  Sowing discontent is at best disruptive and at worst illegal (libel and slander).   Until such time that these correspondents report the news responsibly they will remain “fake” in my eyes.  They are certainly negligent with respect to what Americans expect of the media.



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