End of Free Speech

On August 6 conservatives Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were confronted by a loud and hostile group of Antifa members at a Philadelphia eatery.  Apparently there were several Antifa members also inside at the site as Charlie and Candace were attempting to enjoy breakfast.  The Antifa customers rallied a large group of fellow radicals who quickly formed outside the restaurant.  When Charlie and Candace stepped outside they were verbally assaulted and Mr. Kirk was pelted with eggs and water.  If not for a police presence, they would have been at risk for bodily harm.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters call to arms against conservative has been taken literally by fringe elements of society.  Antifa (anti-fascism) is the radical (and violent) far Left group who display the most disgusting elements of fascism that they pretend to oppose.  This group is intolerant of any conservative thought or support for our President.  Antifa is composed almost entirely of disaffected young whites who are against everything that is civil and open to discussion.   Fascism traditionally leans to the right but the Fascist Revolutionary Party established by Mussolini in 1915 actually combined left wing tactics with right wing political views.  Fascism is derived from the Roman “fascio littorio” which means bundle of rods.  The underlying premise is that there is strength through unity.  Mussolini and Hitler imposed slightly different versions of fascism in which they assumed control of nearly all aspects of society.  Their version of fascism was complete totalitarianism for their own personal gratification.  Some liberals have attempted to label President Trump as a fascist (among other things), but he is far from that.  Fascism seeks to nationalize industries and control the populace, President Trump has done the opposite.  Through deregulation and tax cuts the President has enabled private businesses to expand and hire more employees.  Unemployment is at historic lows and Americans have enjoyed more take home pay and personal wealth.  If President Trump is a fascist, then so is nearly every president who preceded him.  If the president doesn’t believe in the greatness of America and its people, then he/she should not be in that position.

The famous author George Orwell equated a fascist with a bully.  The Antifa radicals were fascists by bullying and intimidating Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.  We have seen much more fascist-like activity in the name of leftist causes than we have seen from the Right.  The Antifa members were verbally and physically assaultive, a technique they have demonstrated on numerous occasions.  They are attempting to repress free speech another tactic of fascists.  I don’t believe Antifa truly has a philosophy other than creating chaos and violence.  They bring pipes, bricks and other weapons to “demonstrations” and recklessly destroy property.  Antifa followers are the real fascists and their actions should not be tolerated in a free and civil society.

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