John Brennan claims that the President’s action in removing his security clearance was an attempt to take away his freedom of speech.  Since his security clearance was pulled, however, Brennan has been on a non-stop tour of the anti-Trump media outlets, making more money than he deserves.  I’m sure a book deal can’t be far behind.  The media will literally follow any story regardless of its validity if it offers a suggestion that there may be immoral or criminal activity associated with the President.  The Mueller investigation has found no collusion with the Russians after roughly 18 months.  Despite that reality check, the lead story on the CBS morning news today had to due with “Russian collusion.”  Trump’s personal lawyer testified before the Mueller team for a reported 30 hours.  The media failed to report that the President granted his lawyer permission to testify.  The President has said from Day 1 that he has done nothing wrong.  President Obama proclaimed on multiple occasions that his Administration was the most transparent of any presidency.  Transparency and Obama are an oxymoron yet the media was in bed with Obama and rarely were ever critical.  The intelligence community was complicit in Obama’s terrible foreign blunders but they are now critical of a president with a get tough foreign policy approach.  Obama literally gave away the bank to Iran and provided them a path to nuclearization.  The CIA was a joke under Obama; they had to have known that Iran was funding terrorism and developing the technology for nuclear weapons.  Rather than stopping the Iranians, Obama gave them billions of dollars to fund their evil intentions.  It was done in a manner to avoid detection; the money was in unmarked bills and flown to Iran by private plane in the middle of the night.  Where was the media outrage in reporting this shady behavior?

Brennan was the CIA Director during much of the second Obama term and should have stopped the Iran deal.  He was also in charge during the Russian hacking in 2016 and sat on his hands, not even warning Trump until after the inauguration.  Brennan should not only have been fired, but prosecuted.  Now the media is making Brennan out to be an unfairly treated martyr.  The fact that this man had a security clearance at all makes me worry about the competence of our national security.  The others on the President’s “hit list” are equally incompetent and should have their clearances removed as well.  Based on the Obama Administration’s track record, I wouldn’t trust the advice from anyone in Obama’s inner circle.  If Mr. Brennan were smart he would shut up and quietly return to civilian life.  His unhinged rants suggest he needs professional help!

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