The Killing Fields

The body of Mollie Tibbets was discovered when the killer, Cristhian Rivera, led police to her location.  How many innocent people must die at the hands of illegal aliens before Congress has the fortitude to do something about it?  I know the people of Iowa have already had enough of this problem.  Ted Williams, a former detective and consultant at Fox News stated that concern has turned to anger and hatred in the Brooklyn, Iowa community.  There is something totally wrong with our immigration system when someone like this is able to defeat the E-Verify system.  This is the supposed “fool proof” way to determine if a potential employee is in the country legally.  Businesses can go to the computer-based data base and check the immigration status of someone.  Maybe Mr. Rivera had forged documents that were entered into the data base.  According to his employer, Yarrabee Farms, Cristhian Rivera was verified through the E-Verify system and had worked with the company for the past four years.  It’s disgusting how the media chooses to politicize the tragedy by saying that Mr. Rivera worked for a “Republican” owned company.  I don’t care if he worked for the federal government, he should not have been in the U.S.  The media also insists on the term “undocumented worker” rather than illegal alien.  This is only the latest incident of an innocent American dying at the hands of an illegal.  At least this was not an instance (that we know of) where he was deported only to return and harm someone.  Immigration is now the number 1 issue in the upcoming mid-term elections.  Donald Trump was elected over national security and controlling the borders.  Incidents such as this will increase the President’s popularity and likely lead to the election of more Republicans to Congress.  We can’t have safe communities when we allow people into the country with different set of values and an indifference for life.

The Dems have moved farther to the Left in recent months.  The Bernie Sanders crowd is now becoming the norm instead of the exception.  They are pushing for more Sanctuary cities and the elimination of ICE.  It is the role of ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) to remove illegals from the country, especially those who have committed additional crimes.  We need only look at Germany and other European countries who, in the name of compassion, allowed open borders.  Their own citizens have suffered the consequences from increased sexual assaults and other crimes.  To eliminate ICE is to invite disaster, both physically and economically.  The future of our nation depends on strong immigration laws and controlling our borders.  It is not only people who are pouring across our borders but guns and drugs as well.  I hope all voters keep in mind what is responsible for much of the gun violence, drug addiction and overdose deaths.  We are cracking down on over-prescribing opiates but until we stop the flow of illegal drugs the deaths will continue.   A physical barrier (the wall) won’t stop this influx completely but it will slow it down and give the border patrol a fighting chance.  We must be able to stem the tide of humanity and the problems that come with them.

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