Obama Reboot

Traditionally presidents avoid the spotlight after leaving office and allow the incoming president to pursue his own agenda.  To no one’s surprise former president Obama has not been quiet but instead has been a vocal critic of President Trump.  He even stubbornly refuses to call him “President Trump” but simply refers to him as Donald Trump.  Listening to Obama speak at the University of Illinois yesterday reminded me why I despised him and the ruinous policies he imposed on America.  While President Trump pledged to “make America great” Obama apologized for America’s greatness and then did everything he could to “weaken” America.  It began with over-regulation of businesses and industries that resulted in driving manufacturing plants and jobs to other countries.  He proudly proclaimed that jobs leaving the country were gone forever and GDP would never be as high as 2%.   He attacked Christianity while cozying up to Muslim nations everywhere.  He bribed Iran with pallets of cash for a disgraceful treaty that would ultimately give Iran nuclear weapons.  He single-handedly threw gasoline on race relations and made police the villains of society instead of its protectors.  He accuses this President of divisive speech while he was the one who pushed through Obamacare without a single Republican vote.  If Obama doesn’t like President Trump, he has himself to blame.  The damage done to the economy and the working class led to rejection of Democrat policies in 2016.  Thank God that Hillary wasn’t elected because we would have continued down the same self-destructive path the Obama had led us down.

Listening to Obama was a bad dream and reminded me of another reason America rejected him.  Obama speaks to his audience like an omnipotent parent to a child.  Obama projects a santimonious attitude with his speech and mannerisms.  President Trump has a unique empathy with the working class and doesn’t talk down to them as Obama does.  They believe the President is fighting for them.  Considering how the President has produced two quarters of GDP growth over 4%, lowered unemployment to record levels, brought industries and jobs back to the U.S. the midterm elections should be a slam dunk for Republicans.  According to polls however, the generic Democrat is ahead of the generic Republican candidate in the midterm elections.  The media are unwilling to recognize the Trump economy and focuses instead on negative stories.  Recall that polls predicted a Clinton presidency so I don’t give much credence to polls.   Who is willing to admit they support the President and Republicans before a hostile press.  The average voter is not stupid and is unwilling to share how they will vote.  Obama would be wise to lay low and not remind Americans why they elected President Trump.

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