Krazy Kerry

John Kerry, the disgraced Vietnam veteran who protested the war and gave back his “deserved?” medals, is calling President Trump an 8 year old.  This is the same guy who authorized the ludicrous Iran nuclear agreement that couldn’t muster enough Senate votes to actually qualify as a treaty.  Mr. Kerry not only has resorted to name calling and insulting the President, but he continues to pretend that he is still the Secretary of State.  Kerry has met with Iranian officials on multiple occasions in an attempt to undermine President Trump’s agenda.  Kerry was an essential member of the “apology themed” Obama Administration that emasculated our military and bowed to the demands of Iran and others.  Understandably Kerry is upset that President Trump is dismantling the “legacy” that he and Obama left behind.  It is time that he (Kerry) and others accept the fact that the old policies of appeasement were rejected in the 2016 election.  Americans are tired of kneeling before second-rate world powers and apologizing for our achievements.  Kerry no longer has authority to negotiate with any nation and is doing a disservice to both Iran and the U.S.  Apparently he is informing the Iranians that they can “wait it out” for the next administration.  I hate to disappoint Citizen Kerry, but President Trump has another 6 years ahead of him and there will be no softening of the Trump agenda in future years.  In fact, to use a quote from then President Obama, “after the next election I’ll have more flexibility.”  The next Trump term will be harder on our adversaries because he won’t have to worry about being re-elected.  I don’t believe President Trump allows his critics or opponents to alter his course of action.  Mr. Kerry tried to portray the President as impetuous and egotistic.  I recall the previous president treating average Americans as children and he (Obama) had all the answers.  We elected a CEO who is doing his best to right the balance sheet of Company America.  Like a great CEO, he is unapologetic and interested in RESULTS.

Mr. Kerry should be content with promoting his new book, “Every Day is Extra,” because as a diplomat he is totally feckless.   Fortunately we now have a President and Secretary of State that put the security of our country first.  Kerry and Obama were only interested in making a name for themselves.  Well they did succeed in making a name for themselves, “cowards.”  What Americans who supported President Trump love is the fact that he (Trump) places the needs of the country first.  Polls showing a 45% approval rating do not truly represent average Americans.  The same pollsters predicted a Hillary Clinton win in the presidential election.  Who wants to admit to a biased media pollster that they back this president?  We elected a new sheriff and he is restoring America’s greatness.  Despite what the President has said in the past, I will never tire of “winning!”

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