Eyes Wide Shut

The Brett Kavanaugh fiasco should be an eye opener for Americans.  It is obvious that the Dems are playing a political game and their strategy is to delay the confirmation of any Trump nominee for the SCOTUS until after the midterm elections.  The Dems have the notion that they will take control of the House and perhaps the Senate as well.  If that happens our country is headed for a dark time.  We will not only have political opposition but outright political war.  They (Dems) will launch numerous investigations into every aspect of President Trump’s life and that of his family as well.  Then they will attempt to scuttle the tax cuts, raise taxes on everyone and soak businesses.  The economic boom will come to and end and the stock market will fall like a rock.  The Dems are for higher taxes and greater regulation, a policy that will also see a return to the <2.0% growth we saw under Obama.  Part of the Left’s opposition is related to the President’s speech and behavior.   The poor liberals who are offended by the President’s behavior have obviously never been in the military.  Have you ever seen a drill instructor (DI) worry about his language or whether he was being politically correct??  The “polite” behavior of our previous president allowed every other nation to take advantage of us.  I can’t believe polls that say 50% of Americans now oppose Judge Kavanaugh being appointed to the SCOTUS.  Are Americans that gullible that they believe these last-minute assault allegations were not staged?  I’ll bet George Soros or the DNC is paying these women to speak out.  No one can substantiate any of the allegations, even friends of the accusers.  Even if true, the fact is took place 35-36 yrs ago and never reported tells you it was probably teen hormones making a young man a little sex crazy.

The Democrats will do everything in their power to block any SCOTUS nominee that the President puts forward.  We may NEVER have a ninth Supreme Court Justice because if a Democrat (heaven forbid) is elected president in 2020 the Republicans will play “payback” and block any Democratic nominee.  I would venture to say that if the American public were polled on “What profession do you dislike the most?” the answer would be a resounding POLITICIAN.  Trump’s nickname of the swamp is very appropriate because politicians are disgusting, belly-crawling creatures.  Senator Grassley should not keep postponing a Senate vote on Kavanaugh.  The truly sad realization of this political game is that the reputation of a good man and his family have been destroyed over something that can’t be verified and is likely “fake news.”

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