Rule of Law

I never paid much attention to Maine Senator Susan Collins.  That being said her intelligent synopsis of Judge Kavanaugh’s record and the disgraceful treatment he has received was spot on.  The Democrats and the liberal Left was determined to stop any President Trump nominee regardless of who was chosen.  George Soros, Hollywood and others poured money into staged protests where “might means right” was the attitude.  The Dems have encouraged harassment (and sometimes assault) of anyone who disagrees with them.  Democratic Senators kept making demands of the Judiciary Committee as a stalling tactic.  Each time a demand was met there was a new demand to further delay the final vote on Judge Kavanaugh.  The Dems were willing to accept any accusation as truth (aided by a complicit media) without any evidence of proof.  Republicans (and Kavanaugh himself) were willing to believe that Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted but not by Brett Kavanaugh.  None of Dr. Ford’s or Judge Kavanaugh’s friends could recall the alleged party or if either was in attendance.  Despite no proof the Dems (and their accomplishes on the Left) have destroyed the reputation and safety of Judge Kavanaugh and his family.  The tactics of the Left is without any common decency nor concern that someone could be injured or perhaps killed.  As Senator Collins mentioned in her speech, she hoped that this was “rock bottom.”  The Left’s only concern is accomplishing their goal regardless of the casualties.  Another of the Dems arguments against Judge Kavanaugh was that he did not have the temperament to be a Supreme Court Justice.  If he had been reserved during questioning they would have accused him of being too passive yet when he fought back he was labeled “angry.”  If I were accused of something that I hadn’t done, I would be angry as well.  Then consider what this process has done to the Judge’s wife and two young daughters.  What are they to think of our government and the Senate in particular?

Hopefully there will be no surprises and Judge Kavanaugh will become Justice Kavanaugh.  Until this incident, many had forgotten the Justice Thomas debacle of the past.  Once on the SCOTUS I’m confident Justice Kavanaugh will perform his role admirably.  Justice Kavanaugh will interpret the Constitution and respect precedent.  The Left will have to look for another cause to focus their anger and hysteria.  I fear for the future of our government and our country.   Perhaps the Dems think they benefit from a nation divided by politics.  Christians understand this is destructive.  We need only look to scripture (Matt 12:22-28) for insight,  “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”


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